Il Cortiletto

Via Borgo Dora 29
closing: Lunedì
Tel: 0114367183

Located in via Borgo Dora in the heart of Porta Palazzo: the area of the largest market, thanks to the various waves of immigration, has always been the crossroads of different gastronomic cultures, and it has been recently renewing itself with the opening of new restaurants. “Il cortiletto” is almost an institution and for many years has been a guaranteed spot for those who want to sample traditional Piedmontese cuisine. The restaurant’s name comes from its location, a small courtyard in the “Balon” (the name of the Saturday morning flea market) not far from the Scuola Holden and the SERMIG Arsenale della Pacee. Among the dishes on the menu make sure not to miss the seasonal cardoon flan with or without fondue, potato salad, tournedos with mushrooms and agnolotti with roasted beef sauce. You can also find Paris style snails, stuffed guinea fowl and boiled chicken. Their stuffed peaches are spectacular in the summer. Together with the house Barbera you’ll spend around 40 euro. Reserving ahead on Saturdays is recommended as it is difficult to find an available table on market days.

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