L’Angolo Divino

Via Umberto Cosmo, 13
closing: Lunedì
Tel: 0118198311

We are in Borgo Po, a very charming neighborood a few steps from Grande Madre square and the Po river. Marco Mina in the Kitchen, Sonia Bozzato in the dining room are the animators of this original and nice restaurant, born of a couple of years and quickly established for the quality of the rigorously Piedmontese cooking. The choice of using only a wood oven has been winning, also for the excellent pizza. The menu card will allow you to prepare a tailored mixed appetizer composed of Piedemontese small tastings at low prices. You can choose between the Russian salad, anchovies al green, carpioni, peppers with bagna cauda, cockerel mixed pickles and much more. The first courses range from the typical agnolotti del Plin to roast souce, potato goodies with chestnuts and Castelmagno, tajarin with white ragù, pumpkin ravioli with anchovies. Among the second courses we mention: the veal cheek breased with polenta, suckling pig with mashed celeriac and caramelized red onion and, worth of being mentioned, the veal stew with beer of Coazze. The dishes follow the seasonality but are always typically Piedmontese. Among the desserts we find the classic bonet, the meringue with Chantilly, the “bicerin Torinese” (coffee with chocolate and cream). Selection of wines exclusively Piedmontese. There’s a tasting menu with appetizer, first dish, main dish and dessert at 30 euro, drinks not included; with wine and/or a menu card you can get to 40 euro or little more.

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