Kilo Pinseria

On the Colombo waterfront, chef Jacopo Chieppa together with the young collaborators has opened this new restaurant, which has been renovated with great attention and which is welcoming, young and informal. The cuisine maintains a perfect balance of tradition and modernity: alongside gourmet dishes and an excellent traditional pizza, it offers the novelty of “pinsa”. Pizza and pinsa are two similar but very different products. What makes them different are in particular the shape, the ingredients used and the preparation methods. In the dining room, Melania, Jacopo’s wife, works with kindness and professionalism, who will help you find your way in your choice: between “Tradition” pizzas (between € 6 and € 8.5) such as the classic Marinara, Margherita, Diavola, Napoli and Vegetarian ; the “Modern” ones (between € 9 and 12) such as the “Ligure” with mozzarella pesto, prescinseua, pine nuts and potatoes or “È Cozza, ma buona” with mozzarella, mussel cream, confit tomato; the Contemporary ones at a cost of € 14, we find “Kà Crudo” with fresh persimmon, spicy gorgonzola and San Daniele ham; the “Baccalà” with spinach, shallot and cod and the “Piemonte” with Cervere leek, Raschera cheese and Bra sausage. Quick dishes are unique dishes such as meat tartare, licorice and soy mayonnaise, mixed salad and crumble, crispy rice egg, gorgonzola and coffee pumpkin cream and veal with tuna sauce (between € 9 and € 14).

Paolo e Barbara

Paolo Masieri defines himself as the “cook-farmer” because what you eat in his restaurant, from vegetables to fruit, oil and eggs, comes almost exclusively from the gardens of Castelvittorio and Ospedaletti which the chef personally takes care of. Each ingredient is selected according to the quality and season, impeccably and creatively cooked with the result of offering an exciting gustatory journey. The restaurant has varying menus, such as the “autumn evocation”, which varies according to season, at 110€, and the so called “garden vegetables and seafood”, which changes every month, at 78€, that gives you the opportunity to taste dishes such as pumpkin and ginger cream with marinated gobbetti prawns and summer black truffle scorzone, meatloaf in oil cooked with confit garlic, potato soup parmentier, Sanremo prawn steamed with salt, seaweed, pakchoi cabbage and mandarin, preboggion ravioli plin, razor clams, infusion of garlic, parsley and lime, SpaghettOro Verrigni with our bottarga and clams, in an enhancement of flavors that blend together while maintaining their own character. Well deserved the prestigious Michelin star that has recognized for 30 years the great professionalism of Paolo Masieri, who is passing his knowledge to his son Lorenzo to continue the legacy. The restaurant is located in a central street of the city. Barbara in charge of welcoming the guest, kindly and professionally help you in choosing the dishes and the wines to combine with the menus.

Mimosa Restaurant

In a historic elegant and sumptuous palace of 1875, you will be welcomed with warmth and grace by attentive and kind staff, where chef Manuel Marchetta offers true food jems in the magical rooms, along with well-arranged tables facing the sea and in spring / summer you can eat on the lovely terrace overlooking the Gulf of Sanremo. It is impossible to describe a dish, such as the “Memory of a Grilled Cuttlefish”, where each bite generates new and different sensations: crunchy, sour, bitter, sweet and salty together. The sense organs transmit the stimuli to the brain: from the sight of the dish to its aroma, from the texture to the flavor, from the chewing to the mouthfeel and taste. In addition to the tasting menus (€ 50, € 60 and € 110), a rich and always updated st menu. Among the starters worth mentioning are the Sanremo prawns, zucchini trombette and a sashimi of amberjack in carpione, both straightforward and captivating. Main dishes include blue lobster, beetroot, spring onions, and Prussian beef, mousse of potatoes, porcini mushrooms and sea urchins. Clean and well-highlighted flavors, held together by the strong identity of chef Manuel, who through his dishes offers to expand your culinary knowledge and offer you a unique experience, bringing home a memorable impression. Noteworthy is the wine list, the result of expertise, passion and constant research.

Ristorante Fratelli Currado by Siragusa

The excitement for an excellent cuisine and an elegant service lie in a restaurant housed in an oil mill declared a Unesco heritage site, renovated taking care of all the details such as the original millstones (still working) and the wooden furniture. The young and talented maitre Luca Siragusa has reopened the restaurant, renovating everything from the kitchen to the cellar and from the welcoming to the Italian style table service with cloche plate performed with great elegance. The oil mill has numerous rooms of different sizes on different floors. All the roms are suitable both for more intimate and private occasions and for more dinner events. The cuisine is made with local products. Not a re-proposition of tradition, but a careful reinterpretation: “the millefeuille stuffed with rabbit with an emulsion of borage” or the “Brandacujun served in cuttlefish ink cannolo” together with the redescovery of a forgotten fish such as the smoked Herring, are an example; the menu offers also excellent meats such as the “Carré of Lamb with aromatic herbs with cream of purple carrots” or the “Crispy pork fillet cooked at low temperature with cream of borage and dehydrated raspberries”; bread and pasta are both homemade. A’ la carte average cost between € 40/50, tasting menu, 5 courses at € 45 excluding wines. The large private outdoor parking is an additional incentive for a visit.

Ristorante Moisello

In the valley floor of the Arroscia Valley, Ranzo is very green with the cultivation of olive trees and vineyards. The restaurant has an ancient tradition that two brothers, Ludovico in the kitchen and Federico in the dining room, have taken up for about three years. The cuisine is based on local products and on seasonality. In the dining room Federico welcomes customers with grace and kindness and always ready to “tell” the dishes with a smile. The environment is elegant and modern, very nice and well furnished. In the à la carte menu we find the appetizers, to taste the morsels with vegetables, made of seasonal herbs, soft and tasty, with tomato sauce with Taggiasca olives, the Genoese top with fried panissa and green sauce, wild boar paté or the octopus carpaccio (from 8 to 9 euro). Home-made ravioli, with pine nuts and thyme or braised gravy (10 euro) or chestnut gnocchi with pumpkin and fontina cheese (9 euro), and chickpea Zemin with pork steaks (8 euro). Following the real specialty of the house is the rabbit with olives and abundant Pigato, as per the grandmother’s recipe, really delicious (10 euro), or braised all’Ormeasco with crispy polenta (15 euros) or the original prawns in crust of coconut (14 euro). Excellent homemade desserts (7 euro). Good choice of local wines and more.

Boscobello Ristorante Pizzeria

This refined restaurant is immersed in the greenery of a park a few steps from the center and has a large reserved parking. The head chef Andrea, who does not like being in the spotlight, is quiet and attentive to customer needs. Andrea’s cooking style is expertly structured to respect tradition but with a touch of creativity and imagination. This is the secret for the success of this place. The menu is seasonal and is always rich and refined: both meat and fish alongside vegetarian dishes. In the dining room, you meet his son, Sotir, a qualified insightful sommelier who has selected prestigious labels, not only local, but wines with lower prices, including an interesting red wine of the house. The selection of raw ingredients is accurate: the fish arrives fresh from his uncle’s boat, the meat comes from the best Italian selections along with the zero kilometer vegetables; each dish is freshly prepared by the chef and his staff. You can choose from seafood appetizers, delicious squid salads, caramelized or raw octopus; homemade pastas; high quality meats in fine cuts cooked on the grill and sold by weight; the catch of the day baked in the oven or for frying. At the end of the meal comes a splendid trolley of sweets. Pizzas and focaccias come from the oven. The prices are excellent value for money, choosing from the menu à la carte, the average price is around 30€s for starters, main courses and desserts, excluding drinks.

Agriturismo Rio Rocca

A welcoming place with two rooms and thirty seats. Rustic and appealing furnishings with a beautiful stove and a stained glass window that conceals the kitchen. On the walls are displayed products such as preserves, vegetables in olive oil, pickled vegetables, oil and wine, which can be purchased even outside the opening times, by calling the owner Donatello on the phone, who with great sympathy and availability, will share his great passion for the following land products: peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, fruit used for the many and various home-made jams, olives and grapes, and, ever present in his garden, the Egyptian onion, now a must in the western Liguria and not only. In the kitchen his wife, tirelessly cooks traditional Ligurian cuisine with farmer’s products. These dishes are therefore prepared only with natural products, fresh and at zero km, cooked with simplicity, passion and that kind of delight for their authenticity and flavor. The full menu (we strongly recommend it) at 30€ includes 4 appetizers, 2 first courses, 2 second courses and dessert. However, you can reduce the number of courses by ordering only a first or a second course, spending 22 or 25€. Do not miss the farinata with the Egyptian onion, the frisceu, the ravioli and the gnocchi, and the ever-present Ligurian rabbit.

Garroccio Beach Restaurant

Wonderful location for a restaurant that is classy but still both youthful and informal. You can enjoy creative preparations with fresh fish and high quality products, a few steps from the sea in a carefully furnished setting. The menu is oriented on the local fish and not only. In season you can taste mushrooms and truffles. We start with appetizers (from 16 to 22€) with the unmissable western Ligurian style gurnard or the original pumpkin flowers stuffed with cod on a cream of potato and morel mushrooms. The menu features the usual local classics such as the mixed seafood dishes, from the trilogy of natural tartare with amberjack to ceviche with lime, mango and coriander (from 20 to 22€). Among the first courses, merit particular attention the delicious “picagge” (homemade tagliatelle with three flours) with pesto and clams or paccheri with octopus, ragout and Taggiasca olives or the gnocchi with scampi and eggplant pesto (from 18 to 20€). With regard to main courses, you can taste the catch of the day served with seasonal vegetables or cod au gratin millefeuille. There are also meat based main courses, such as veal loin with coffee sauce and caramelized pears (from 20 to 25€). Excellent desserts such as the delicious peaches stuffed with amaretto and rosolio, and the revisited Sicilian cassata. Interesting wine list with local and national labels and bubbles from nearby French lands.

Ristorante da Delio

You’ll find this restaurant at the start of the portico which takes you to the historic center of the fascinating town of Apricale, an example of continuity and traditional cuisine. You can enjoy an excellent view from their dining room and during the summer you can eat in the terrace. Delio’s cuisine continues in the hands of his heirs, based on local seasonal productions starting the olive oil from the valley and the Dolceacqua and Rossese wines. It’s a favorite destination for those who enjoy ravioli stuffed with thyme and rabbit or potatoes and meat. From their second courses you should try the rabbit, stockfish, wild boar and stewed goat with beans together with meats grilled on olive wood. You should also try their cheeses served together with jam, honey and cognà, produced by local farmers. Sweet ending with the zabaglione and the pansarole, the typical Apricale “bugie” or the stroscia a sweet Ligurian cake made with olive oil served with gelato and olive stracciatella.

Osteria Cian de Bia’

This restaurant is located in the small village of Badalucco up some steps inside a beautiful and inviting stone house. It’s set in a comfortable and family atmosphere with a fireplace, exposed bricks and wooden decor. The cuisine is traditional. Every meal is a special occasion so you’ll have 5 starters: Russian salad, Badalucco white bean salad, the brandacujun, frandura which is a typical dish from nearby Montalto, vitel tonné and vegetable fritters. Two first courses: ravioli stuffed with herbs and if you’re lucky tagliatelle with river shrimp. Among second courses we recommend their Ligurian rabbit, the snails and stockfish with is the star of the show of a festival every September. Exquisite desserts such as creme caramel and the sweet focaccia typical of the area are available. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from the family farm called “Cian de Bià” which means “land on the Biagio plain”. Biagio was the owners Ivo and Franca’s grandfather; they also produce a very good olive oil. Fixed price menu for 30 euro, excluding wines. Good value for your money. Reservations are recommended.