Ristorante La Farina del Mio Sacco

In the chef Michele Ottonello’s restaurant can be tasted genuine products cultivated in the family kitchen yard or the mushrooms, wild herbs harvested by his father, Fernando. Always smiling and available they make the place, simple and hospital, a familiar and cosy environment where people return willingly. It is only open upon booking, in the weekend offers thematic dinners, with truffles, mushrooms, stockfish, artichokes and other seasonal products. Then average menu for 30 euro is quite rich: from the appetizers like quail eggs with truffle, mushrooms salad with artichokes, pancakes with wild herbs, ricotta mousse and many other ones, to the first course dishes with homemade pasta like tagliatelle, risotti and delicious soups, exquisite is the one with squash and black mushrooms “trombette dei morti”; among the second courses dishes excel ligurian rabbit and in the thematic nights, boiled beef, bagna cauda, stockfish and delicious recipes dedicated to the vegetarians. All meals end with three desserts of the house like the delicious home made tarts with jams that Fernando prepares and gives as present to his customers in pretty mini jars. House wine is included in the price, like coffee and digestive, home made as well. Excellent value for money.

Ristorante Santo Spirito

In the Argentina valley at about 400 meters, immersed in the green and small lakes that the streams Argentina and Corte create in their path, with the possibility of having a stroll and excursion for either families or expert walkers, we find the hotel-restaurant Santo Spirito, an institution, that since more than a century offers dishes cooked following ancient recipes and using genuine products and local outstanding items. The vigilant family management has created a hospital environment; in the hall there are various relics and objects from the past, with old photographs and documents. The dishes are traditional, those that were prepared at home by grandmothers and recall to the mind flavours of the past. We find here chickpeas and assorted legumes soups, home made tagliatelle or fresh pasta with chestnuts flour, like the “colpi di dito” or the quadrotti to be dressed with “bruzzo”, the tasty sheep ricotta. Among second course dishes goat with beans, molinese escargots, stewed boar. Delicious homemade desserts like the pudding with eggs and castagnaccio, prepared in the ancient way. Vegetables are almost exclusively produced in the family farm, tank to grandpa Augusto. The selection of wines includes the Ormeasco produced by the family farm and also excellent bottles of Piedmont wines. The menu’s price ranges from € 20 to € 35.

Osteria Au Casun

Climbing to 900 meters and visiting the small hamlet of Bajardo is really worth the wait, its historical centre, the church that was partially destroyed in the terrible earthquake of 1887, from which a wonderful landscape can be enjoyed both in the winter and summer time, just like it is worth stopping by to enjoy the excellent cuisine of Claudia and Pier, young restaurateurs who opened this tavern and offer a cuisine mostly made of zero km. genuine products, cultivated by the farmers of this area. Claudia, the chef with her sweet smile will offer you a menu from 25 to 30 Euro which includes mixed starters, with samplings of vegetable and wild herbs cakes, barbagiuai, herbs and rice pancakes, various croutons, local cold meats and cheeses. First course dishes are particularly tasty like wild herbs ravioli, rossese grapes or nettles tagliatelle with rabbit meat sauce. Among second course dishes we can mention Apricale rabbit, Ceriana sausage, white boar meat, that all have to be tested. Absolutely to be tasted the cakes made by Claudia, who had experienced in a bakery, delicious meringue cakes with marron glacè, light truffle cream and delicious tiramisu. Pier in the hall, friendly and helpful, will suggest you the best combination with the best wines.

L’erba Gatta

Gianni and Carla, two friends, undertook in 2008 this adventure tank to their common passion for good cuisine and good wines, being able to create the ideal location for tasting the typical cuisine of the hinterland, tasty, but light. Gianni in the kitchen prepares all dishes with typical local products like oil, wine, bread, beans, cheeses, wild herbs and Triora saphron. The menu is written on a blackboard like in the real taverns: among the appetizer stand out the baked trevisana with ricotta and balsamic vinegar (9 euro) or homemade cold meats and vegetables preserved in oil, like the dried tomatoes, the ciccotti (mushrooms), head cheese and boar speck. Among the first course dishes polenta with spruce shoots and speck sauce, a single dish for 10 euro, and ricotta and borage ravioli with small tomatoes and marjoram (10 euro). Among the second courses dishes the great stars of the hinterland cuisine, boar with polenta (12 euro), escargots stew (14 euro), baked Brigasca sheep cheese called toma (9 euro). Delicious homemade desserts. The place is found downtown, deserves to be visited and on the table cloth you will find depicted a map that will allow you to follow a path to discover this fascinating village known as the village of the witches. Menu ranges from 25 to 30 Euro. Not bad is the list of wines with local labels and wines from Piedmont.

Ristorante Da U Titti

In a few minutes from the sea you get to Lingueglietta, become a full member of ”The most beautiful villages in Italy”. Riccardo and Chiara’s restaurant is inside a beautiful stone house, outside a large terrace with a beautiful view, which in summer is very appreciated. Inside the dining room is very accurate and cosy, lights and modern furnishings, with candles and special objects, make the location refined and elegant. The service is assigned to Chiara, always smiling and kind, while the kitchen is Riccardo’s reign. Both Lombard native they have taken over the restaurant for about two years and have already received considerable appreciation. There are two tasting menus: one of 5 courses for 40 euro and the other of 7 courses for 55 euro. Among the appetizers a la carte we mention the marinated sturgeon, late-growing radicchio, asparagus, eggs and corn (17 euro). Among the first courses worth to be tasted the stewed goose ravioli, quince mustard, pumpkin consommé, ginger and bay leaves (16 euros). Among the second courses the venison’s loin, Martine pears, red cabbage and American potatoes or the mullets with their sauce, chestnuts, clementines (25 and 18 euro). Refined and exquisite desserts. Homemade bread, breadsticks and focaccia, with particular flours. The presentation of the dishes and the service are very accurate. The wine list has selected labels and fair prices. Reservation is recommended.

Le Due Palme

Restaurant near to the center of Ventimiglia, by now well known and appreciated for its excellent pizzas and always new offers. Pino and Marcella, the owners, have made a choice of quality and research of excellent products to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Since a few months Pino has been offering “pizzas d’autore” on Mondays and Wednesdays, original creations with unusual ingredients, but always of the highest quality, such as pumpkin cream and shrimp, or smoked salmon and DOP cheeses. The pizzas are prepared using 7 doughes, with different flours and leavenings, such as the hemp one or the Roman shovel, which requires a long leavening and a very high hydration that makes it light, crunchy and exquisite. In addition to pizzas (70 in the menu card !!!), a wide choice of pasta dishes, both meat and fish, ravioli, trofie, tagliatelle and a savory risotto of the fisherman, and to follow you can taste an excellent tagliata with arugula served on the soapstone as a grilled fish or grilled prawns. Good offer of vegetarian and vegan dishes too. Classic desserts, with something new like the chef’s pie and the grandmother’s cake. The restaurant is very large, bright, also suitable for events and business dinners, the service is prompt and courteous, organized by Marcella, always smiling and kind. Card of local wines and craft beers.

La Balena Bianca

A charming and bright location for the restaurant started by the chef Paola Chiolini and her husband Daniele 5 years ago. A large dining room, modern furnishing, many paintings and artistic objects show the passion of the owners for every artistic expression. You can see it in the very carefully prepared dishes, served in an imaginative and original way, thanks to their experience in the catering that they bought in Milan, where they are present and active. You can start with the appetizers (from 9 to 13 euro), such as the fresh fish tartare with mango or bream cruditè with Sanremo shrimp, flavored with rum and caramelized ginger. The first courses of homemade fresh pasta such as the sea bass ravioli with squid and truffles or the beetroot ravioli with apple slices and shrimp (from 11 to 15 euro). Among the second courses we mention sea bass braid with leek sprouts, cappone and turban umbrine with caramelized chestnuts (from 15 to 20 euro). There is a wide choice for people who love meat and many vegetarian and vegan dishes. The desserts made by the chef are special, such as the caged tiramisù or chocolate mattonella with mint flavored mascarpone. The daily menù is written on the blackboard and offers special dishes, as well as pizzas and focaccias. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes it a nice stop with a really wonderful sea view.

Ristorante A Viassa

A walk at Dolceacqua is always a wonderful experience, and the many tourists, who visit it every year, know it. This year on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to Monet they will have one more reason to return. A recommended stop is at the restaurant ”A Viassa”, opened a few years ago by two young enterprising and passionate, Stefano and Aimone, who have conquered an enviable place in the gastronomic offer of Val Nervia. The cooking of the chef Aimone, assisted by Andrea and Crina, is based on local products, following their seasonality, and with the addition of a bit of imagination. In the appetizers, always present, among others, the brandacuiun (stoccafisso with oil, potatoes and parsley), the barbagiuiai (fried ravioli stuffed with rice and pumpkin), and the previ (rolls of savoy cabbage and sausage). Among the first courses, tagliatelle with clams, artichokes and bacon, gnocchi with calamari and cream of turnip tops, and pumpkin risotto, pistachios and brigasca sheep toma. To follow we mention the baked lamb with the beans of Pigna or the fish of the day with broccoli and carrots. Homemade desserts, all to taste, such as the ice cream of michette and Rossese reduction, the sacripantina cake and the chocolate and pear crumble, to mention just a few. Stefano and his stuff assure a courteous and professional service. Good wine list, with the best labels of the Ponente.

Ristorante Flipper

The new restaurant opened in September 2018 is in the central Mombello Course in Sanremo. The new location has given more prestige to the restaurant that has already earned a well-deserved reputation as a place where to enjoy excellent fish cuisine always fresh and plentiful. Modern décor, bright and well-kept environment, bottles in plain view, outside tables arranged on the wide sidewalk of the course, where not too far you can see the sea. The house speciality is the very fresh fish, well presented and served in an excellent way, in its many variations, raw surrounded by fresh vegetables in a trio of backsplashes with a highly appreciated spectacular effect and also baked or fried, of great quality and abundant, as well as grilled. Excellent meat preparations to satisfy all tastes. The first courses are a house specialty, the great classics such as spaghetti with clams and seafood or the most elaborate ones such as noodles with crab sauce, with generous portions and well presented. The service is accurate and in due time, the staff is very kind and efficient. The family management ensures a welcome always attentive and cared for, with a smile always ready. Excellent value for money, booking is recommended because it is a favorite destination for tourists and local gourmets.

B. Bros & Co.

The restaurant, founded in 2013 by the owners’ wish, Alessandro and Mira, to create a new trade activity and different from the local ones, near the Ariston theater, just in the center, which in a short time has gained with honors a prominent place among the restaurants on the city page. Inside a small warm and comfortable dining room, managed by Mira and his sister, a very nice and attentive to details service, as well as the mise en place. Cooking is assigned to a young chef, Alessandro, who has acquired many experiences in local restaurants and abroad. His offers are refined and range among the local dishes combined with Sicilian tastes and flavors and Piedmontese meats, also using modern techniques, such as the low-temperature cooking and fermentations. Among the appetizers we mention the tuna or shrimp tartares and the bagna cauda squid. Among the first courses you can choose among the ravioli of burrata with shrimps and the noodles with lobster and saffron, and the delicious risottos. Among the second courses delicious dishes of both meat and fish. Unusual and refined desserts, often prepared in the dining room with the spectacular flambé lamp. A varied wine list, full of prestigious labels of the Italian wine scene, without forgetting the part reserved for international distillates and craft beers. Price a la carte from 40 to 60 euro per person.