Osteria Martini da Federico Lanteri

After the experience of the “Torrione” in Vallecrosia, chef Federico Lanteri left with great enthusiasm in the beautiful village of the upper Nervia valley. The gastronomic proposal has been partially renewed while maintaining the dishes that have made the family restaurant famous, such as tripe and Ligurian rabbit. The rooms have elegant and refined furnishings, a romantic terrace, overlooking the alleys, and tables arranged in the large square, offer shelter for those who want to escape from the confusion and heat of the coast. On the menu, preparations are both highly refined and very simple. You can also choose between two menus, which vary according to the seasons. The land and meat menu (€38) with Brandacujun, Barbagiuai, Ravioli, Ligurian rabbit and dessert. The trustful relationship between the local fishermen and the restaurant’s owner plays a key role in the quality of seafood menu (€48). Sanremo prawns always cooked with creativity and simplicity, as in the spaghetti with artichokes, baked or grilled. The menu is attentive to traditional dishes such as Turtun, Gran pisteu and stew of goat meat with Pigna beans. In the cellar, excellent local wines and prestigious labels. In the dining room Aurora and her staff deliver a warm and nice welcome. Also crucial is the partnership with Pierangelo Fazio, who continues to supply the uniquely tasting tropical fruits grown on the border with France.