Osteria di Via Peri

On the first hillside of Sanremo, we find a place where you can eat good food, without spending a fortune, with a choice of Ligurian genuine dishes and some Piedmontese contamination. The environment is very cosy and welcoming. Wooden furniture, the stone walls and the rustic wooden menu holder with a slate chalkboard, bring a bit of informal feel to the place. Lucia always cheerful and kind provides an attentive and excellent service. Chef Alessandro varies the menu every day according to market supply. Meat and fish, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and wild herbs and flowers make each dish more delicate and tasty. From appetizers to desserts, the chef uses quality raw materials, proposing unusual combinations, such as beet dumplings with lemon balm pesto or tagliatelle with nettles and lemon. Among the first courses we find a varied selection of homemade pastas, from trofie to tagliatelle noodles and gnocchi dumplings. To try the sought-after Genoese soup, which is much appreciated by tourists. Fresh fish may vary according to market availability. Excellent ratio with quality: first courses between 8 and 10 €, second courses from 9 to 12 €, desserts at 3 €. For a full meal the cost is about 30 €. In the cellar, local wines alternate with those of nearby Piedmont.

Ristorante Cucina Gambaro

After the experience at the “Crota” of Mondovì, the chef Daniele Gambaro with his wife Alessandra has now moved to Vicoforte in the place that housed the “Moretto” restaurant. The room has been renovated with an elegant yet informal style, featuring warm colors. The welcome is taken care of by Alessandra who is always kind and careful to explain the dishes and the ingredients. Daniele offers creative cuisine with local ingredients without hiding his Ligurian origins. Aromatic herbs, pesto and focaccia are intertwined with fresh fish from Liguria and local excellences, in particular cheeses, meats and vegetables. In a proper quality/price ratio we find among the appetizers a crunchy sesame bundle with pears and bra tenero Dop cheese (9 €) or the creamed cod with Evo oil with green sauce and fried bread (12 €), among the first the potato gnocchi with cocoa white pheasant ragout and black truffle (18 €) and Trofie al pesto (in season) with the addition of potatoes and green beans (12 €). Among the second courses the veal stew with milk and hazelnuts (16 €), the fillet of sea bass in porcini crust, saffron potato cream (20 €). Homemade desserts such as creamy rose, white chocolate and black cherry and a delicious cheesecake with raspberry sauce and peanut biscuit (7 €). The cellar guarantees a good choice of local wines, also served by the glass.

Ristorante 4 Ciance

In the historic center of the city, in the pedestrian area filled of clubs, with large outdoor areas, which are the heart of the Cuneo nightlife, this place has two beautiful and large rooms, with brick ceilings and wooden coffers, creating an elegant and cozy atmosphere. In the summer you can have lunch in the outdoor area. The service is accurate and managed with great professionalism by Gloria. The cuisine led by the chefs Gianmaria and Gaetano follows the rhythm of the seasons, using the excellence of the territory and a dash of creativity. The tasting menu for € 38 includes an appetizer, the fried ravioli barbajuan stuffed with foie gras on pumpkin cream, the creamed rice with Castelmagno and honey, sliced veal steak with potatoes and finally the classic bonet pudding with coffee ice cream. On the menu a wide choice of appetizers (from € 14 to € 16) such as creamed cod stuffed with potato cream, cuttlefish ink, glazed leeks and potato chips. Among the first courses (from 15 to 16 €) the ravioli stuffed with tuma and black truffle. Among the main courses (from 16 to 24 €) we find the Sambucana sheep and the cockerel fricassee with celeriac puree. Desserts to try, such as coffee parfait, chocolate and cereal icing and porcini mushroom powder, or hazelnut tartlets. Good choice of wines with a careful selection of labels from the area and also from nearby France.

Hosteria del viale sala

Hostaria del Viale

Ideal place to taste the authentic seafood flavor, near the historic center and the railway station. Elegant and welcoming rooms, fully open kitchen and a large terrace. The chef, Federico Scardina, with previous experience in Italy and abroad, offers fresh fish dishes with local vegetables. Flowers are not only a mere embellishment, but are also used to give more taste and flavor to the dish. Bread and focaccia are home-grown as are fresh pastas, which are a strong point of the venue. Two tasting menus are offered: at € 39 with 5 dishes and one at € 49, with 7 dishes. Delicious stuffed anchovies accompanied by organic lemon gel and the reworking of zimino with local cuttlefish, beet cream from the garden, presciunsêua cheese and fried panissa. Always in the menu the brandacujun with Castelbianco potatoes, in season courgette flowers stuffed with prescinsêua cheese, in tempura on a beefsteak cream and Sichuan pepper. Among the pastas to try the Ravioli stuffed with fish combined with a delicate beefsteak tomato sauce and pansoti di magro. Among the second course fish of the day grilled, baked or fried. Even the desserts and mini pastries offered at the end of the meal with coffee are cooked in the pastry lab by the chef in person. Prices: appetizers and first courses on average around 15 euros, second courses from 17 to 25 euros. Wines with a wide choice of local labels.

Ristorante Locanda La Favorita

In a charming corner of the Nervia Valley, surrounded by olive trees, mimosas and aromatic herbs, here in the summer you can dine outside on the panoramic terrace. The interior rooms are frescoed with drawings of herbs and flowers, and an image of Apricale, like the one enjoyed from the large windows, warmed in winter by the large fireplace. One room is dedicated to fairy tale characters and with child-friendly furnishings. The menu proposed for € 35 includes the specialties of the inland cuisine. We start with the appetizers, from the typical Barbagiuai, fried ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, rice and cheese, to the green cake, from Sardenaira to stuffed vegetables. Do not miss the Ravioli with borage, hand-made as the exquisite tagliatelle mixed with red wine, olive paté, flour and eggs, served with meat sauce or tomato sauce. The second is made up of grilled meat, tagliata, lamb and sausage, with vegetables from the seasonal garden. The dessert is a must-see sight, the zabaglione mounted by hand in the copper pot is served at the table: it has the color of gold and an inviting scent, accompanied by pansarole, the traditional Apricale lies. Wines with local proposals and an always warm and kind welcome. In the inn there are also 6 beautiful rooms where you can stay overnight.


Opened in 2021 on the quay of the port of Oneglia, one of the most beautiful areas of the city, it quickly won over a large clientele. At the helm the bartender Andrea and the chef Ivan, two friends who, after important international experiences, have launched into this new business. Here we find the drinks and cocktails revised by Andrea using flavors and aromas of the Ligurian West, like a delicious “Ineja Smash” with Basil and Vermentino. The restaurant has two settings: for lunch a faster and lighter catering (without giving up the pleasure of the table) with focaccia and gourmet sandwiches, the toast version of Brandacujun stockfish or the sandwich with Piedmontese boiled meat (prices from 10 to 20 €). At dinner, tasty meat and fish dishes with the use of a Spanish grilled oven, which allows you to roast, toast and smoke. Everything is prepared on sight, without smoke and in front of customers who experience the thrill of “eating in the kitchen”. Excellent relationship between the very high quality, obtained thanks to products of great excellence, and the prices from 15 to 30 €. The indoor area has about twenty seats, which increases its capacity with the outdoor seating area. The staff offers a kind and enthusiastic service. No detail overlooked: from the furniture to the presentation of the drinks, from the background music to the graphic style with a nice logo.

Hotel Ristorante Le Betulle

On the road between Alba and Bra, in a modern building, a hotel and restaurant managed for over 30 years by the Destefanis family. The restaurant is divided into two parts: one which looks like a bistro and another as a restaurant suitable for ceremonies and banquets. The owner Paolo always welcomes you with a smile and accompanies you in the choice of dishes and wines from a cellar attentive to the territory. In summer, you can eat outside. There are several menus: from the simplest for the “business lunch” offered at € 10 to a “tourist” one at € 20 with two appetizers, a first course, second course, dessert, bread and water and coffee excluding wines and finally a more varied “tasting menu”, at € 35. With a “A la carte” menu, the choice is wide and includes many typical local dishes. Among the starters, the Russian salad, raw meat beaten with a knife, veal with tuna sauce in the traditional version cooked in the oven combined with a tuna sauce; then the Cervere leek omelettes and the Langhe cheese with pistachios or the Robiola presented on a bed of hazelnuts. The handmade pasta is a feather in the cap of the restaurant: ravioli, gnocchi, panzerotti and tajarin. Among the second courses beef cheek Braised with Barolo, Rabbit and Lamb. In season mushrooms, truffles and snails from nearby Cherasco. Often the restaurant offers themed menus with Bagna Cauda, Mixed Fried, Boiled and Finanziera. Good locally produced cheeses and well-made desserts.


Giovanni Senese, although young, has great experience in the art of pizza and in the variegated world of doughs and flours. Born in Naples, after working experiences around the world, he stopped in Sanremo and opened his modern and welcoming restaurant in 2020, one step away from the cycle path and the sea. The attention to raw materials is very high. He personally grows vegetables and aromatic plants in his synergistic garden. Try the special pizzas, such as “il mio orto sinergico” (€ 14), which follows the rhythm of the seasons, or “il carciofo incontra il cacio e il pepe” (artichoke meets cheese and pepper) (€ 18) or “Barbaresca” with velvety purple potatoes and strips of Chianina sirloin (€ 16.5). Those who love traditional flavors can choose the classics of the Neapolitan tradition (from € 5.5 upwards). Not only pizzas, however, you can taste the wonderful Neapolitan whims (salty pastry dough), fried for all tastes, or the “ cono del pizzaiolo”, filled pizza shaped like an ice-cream cone according to Giovanni’s creativity. There is no shortage of creative dishes among first and second courses. To finish, typical sweets such as classic babà or with cream, pastiera and lemon delights. The list of extra virgin olive oils is also interesting. Good selection of craft beers and good choice of wines, with a preference for Ligurian labels.

Ristorante Malò

We are in the Alto Monferrato, among hills that offer fascinating views of the Alps and many traditional and typical dishes, including a fantastic salami, the filetto baciato. The owner, Cinzia runs the kitchen with care and competence, while the dining room is managed with warmth by her husband Enrico. In love with the place and its local traditions, they have reopened a restaurant with a long tradition. Customers are welcomed in a large dining room with a black and white marble floor and large windows overlooking the woods and mountains. On the walls photos and family documents testify to the long history of the place. In plain sight, many bottles of local wines (included in the menu) served with a fair refilling. The kitchen offers interesting appetizers such as the mixed boiled meat terrine, the beef beat to a knife with black truffle and the vegetable flan with the mountain toma cheese; fresh homemade pasta, such as tagliatelle and the classic plin with meat filling and Roasted Gravy, among the second courses boiled meat, Piedmontese mixed fry and game; there is a large choice of cold cuts and cheeses from local suppliers and creative desserts. The chef creates the menu in line with the rhythm of the seasons and prepares traditional seasonal recipes with inventiveness. The portions are generous, with excellent value for money. For a meal, the cost varies between 40 and 50€.

Kilo Pinseria

On the Colombo waterfront, chef Jacopo Chieppa together with the young collaborators has opened this new restaurant, which has been renovated with great attention and which is welcoming, young and informal. The cuisine maintains a perfect balance of tradition and modernity: alongside gourmet dishes and an excellent traditional pizza, it offers the novelty of “pinsa”. Pizza and pinsa are two similar but very different products. What makes them different are in particular the shape, the ingredients used and the preparation methods. In the dining room, Melania, Jacopo’s wife, works with kindness and professionalism, who will help you find your way in your choice: between “Tradition” pizzas (between € 6 and € 8.5) such as the classic Marinara, Margherita, Diavola, Napoli and Vegetarian ; the “Modern” ones (between € 9 and 12) such as the “Ligure” with mozzarella pesto, prescinseua, pine nuts and potatoes or “È Cozza, ma buona” with mozzarella, mussel cream, confit tomato; the Contemporary ones at a cost of € 14, we find “Kà Crudo” with fresh persimmon, spicy gorgonzola and San Daniele ham; the “Baccalà” with spinach, shallot and cod and the “Piemonte” with Cervere leek, Raschera cheese and Bra sausage. Quick dishes are unique dishes such as meat tartare, licorice and soy mayonnaise, mixed salad and crumble, crispy rice egg, gorgonzola and coffee pumpkin cream and veal with tuna sauce (between € 9 and € 14).