Antica Osteria La Sosta

Via alla Chiesa, 6
closing: lunedì
Tel: 0182480195

The historic center of Laigueglia is a candy box that, inside, houses other small candy boxes. One of these is the Antica Osteria la Sosta, managed with great skill by the chef Stefania Alberti, while the dining room is managed by her husband Daniele Zillani, a restorer, that has “signed” the furnishing with several really interesting pieces. The couple opened the restaurant in 2004, but after a break of several years to take care of their first child, since a year they have returned to the head of their restaurant. The atmosphere is warm. Daniele is attentive without being intrusive, but it is from the kitchen (appetizers and first courses to 12 euro, main courses between 12 and 18, but on average 15, desserts at 6 euros, satisfactory portions) that more pleasant surprises arrive. Stefania is self-taught, but has followed an impressive series of courses that have trained her as a chef, much appreciated by both Gualtiero Marchesi and Silvio Torre, the former a monument in cooking, the latter a monument for enogastronomic diffusion. The menu is local: anchovies, cod, fish of the day (but also rabbit and fassona), but prepared with imagination and wisdom and seasoned with excellent extra virgin oil. Do not miss the rabbit terrine with Valleggia apricots (in the season) and chard, gnocchi with cod and mushrooms, the “previ”, the traditional stuffed lettuce. Good, with fair mark-up, the wine list mainly coastal.

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