Da Rosina

Località Porri, 18
closing: lunedì. Venerdì e sabato aperto anche per cena.
Tel: 019578161

6 kms from Dego, in the village of Porri (in the Savonean inlands), you can find a well-established restaurant surrounded by woods perfect for a walk or a hike, especially after trying Gerardo’s cooking. Since 1980, Gerardo manages this tavern, where you can not only enjoy an exquisite cuisine, but also vacation, staying in one of his 10 guest rooms. The venue is unpretentious and welcoming, the front of house being characterised by a fireplace and wood furniture which put you at ease, together with the smiling and pleasant presence of Mrs. Giorgia. “Da Rosina” offers a traditional, domestic cuisine, result of a masterful mix of Ligurian and Piedmontese traditions. You can find fresh, homemade pastas, such as tagliatelle and tagliolini, as well as filled pastas such as ravioli and “pansotti”, with seasonal sauces. Among the second courses can be found braised and roasted meats, such as game meat, with a side of mushrooms and vegetables from the garden. The desserts are also homemade with seasonal ingredients; they will not disappoint, and will be an enjoyable last course. The staff is very polite and the value for money is excellent: the average price is 30 Euros per person, including a good homemade wine, or a typical Piedmontese wine such as Dolcetto or Barbera.

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