Giardino Ristorante Veg

Via Giuseppe Barbaroux, 25
closing: domenica e lunedì a cena.
Tel: 0116970071

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant with firm roots in the Italian gastronomic tradition, opened a few years ago by Maria Zingarelli, a very good chef, who after an important experience gained in starry kitchens has embraced vegetarian cuisine, intertwining its Apulian roots with Piedmontese ones. Not a trendy place nor a refuge for diehard and sectarians vegans, but suitable for everyone. The cooking is circular: respect, care and no food waste. All food is used with harmony and balance. The environment is modern and the furnishings have been designed to give a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The philosophy is simple: zero-impact preparations suitable for all tastes; serving dishes for celiacs, allergy sufferers and specialties suitable for children. At lunch a colorful and original menu inside the “Bowl” at a cost of 11 euros; for dinner, a menu à la carte offered in both vegan and vegetarian versions, combining Italian-Piedmontese cuisine with ethnic cuisine: chickpea soup next to couscous, a tasty and delicious celebration of flowers, legumes, cocoa and vegetables. All the ingredients, including edible flowers, come from local producers, passing through a controlled supply chain respectful of nature and its cycles, and used according to the rules of the circular economy, that is, using everything and not throwing anything away.

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