I Matetti

Viale Daniele Hanbury, 132
closing: sempre aperto
Tel: 0182646680

You can still find traditional Ligurian food in the renowned and famous Alassio, a true authentic trattoria, with the menu written in dialect by hand on a notebook like the ones used in schools many years ago: an informal atmosphere, black and white photos from the 70’s on the walls of children or “matetti” in dialect posing in their school uniform or for group pictures. Upon entering you’ll see a big blackboard with the daily dishes. Dishes follow Ligurian tradition, flavorful big portions. It’s a piity one has to choose as all dishes are worth trying. The owners are always happy and nice, sometimes they pretend to be grouchy but they’re just joking around and they’ll catch you off guard. For starters try their mixed appetizer with fried anchovies, seafood salad, cabbage wraps and Recco focaccia. Among their first courses we recommend their ravioli, pansotti, tagliatelle with bottarga and shrimp and the “gasse”: farfalle shaped fresh pasta, with pesto and potatoes. Among second dishes you’ll find mixed fried seafood, rabbit, octopus, stewed squid and the codfish. Their selection of desserts includes classics such as the bunet, tiramisù and ice creams. Their delicious apple fritters are served to everyone at the end of the meal. Small cellar with Vermentino and Pigato at reasonable prices. Excellent value for your money, a meal will set you back about € 25. Reservations are recommended.

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