Il Bagatto

Piazza Cotti, 17
closing: lunedì a cena e martedì tutto il giorno.
Tel: 01411925110

“Il Bagatto” is located on the “tamburello” square inside a gorgeous building with exposed bricks, a wide welcoming dining room and a fireplace. The restaurant’s cuisine has been passed on for generations and it offers authentic traditional dishes. Among their appetizers you’ll find the “vitello tonnato”, peppers in “bagna cauda”, chicken in pickled sauce, cold cuts from Monferrato and Piedmontese Toma cheese. Among their first courses (which are all homemade), you’ll find the “agnolotti” and “tagliatelle” followed by the mixed boiled meats, suckling pig fillet, game and, if you book in advance, Piedmontese mixed fried fish. From their desserts we recommend their “bonet”, artisanal gelatos and their bavarian creams. We’re in truffle territory and here is where they can be tasted best. Two tasting menus are available, one for 35 euro which includes 2 mixed appetizers, two first courses to sample, a second course of your choice with 1 side, a variety of desserts and coffee and a second one for 20 euro, which includes a vegetarian option, with a first or second course of your choice, 1 dessert and 1 coffee. Wide selection of local wines and if you don’t finish your wine bottle you can take it home with you.

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