L’erba Gatta

Via Roma, 6
closing: lunedì
Tel: 018494392

Gianni and Carla, two friends, undertook in 2008 this adventure tank to their common passion for good cuisine and good wines, being able to create the ideal location for tasting the typical cuisine of the hinterland, tasty, but light. Gianni in the kitchen prepares all dishes with typical local products like oil, wine, bread, beans, cheeses, wild herbs and Triora saphron. The menu is written on a blackboard like in the real taverns: among the appetizer stand out the baked trevisana with ricotta and balsamic vinegar (9 euro) or homemade cold meats and vegetables preserved in oil, like the dried tomatoes, the ciccotti (mushrooms), head cheese and boar speck. Among the first course dishes polenta with spruce shoots and speck sauce, a single dish for 10 euro, and ricotta and borage ravioli with small tomatoes and marjoram (10 euro). Among the second courses dishes the great stars of the hinterland cuisine, boar with polenta (12 euro), escargots stew (14 euro), baked Brigasca sheep cheese called toma (9 euro). Delicious homemade desserts. The place is found downtown, deserves to be visited and on the table cloth you will find depicted a map that will allow you to follow a path to discover this fascinating village known as the village of the witches. Menu ranges from 25 to 30 Euro. Not bad is the list of wines with local labels and wines from Piedmont.

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