Mimosa Restaurant

Corso Matuzia, 9
closing: sempre aperto
Tel: 0184667601

In a historic elegant and sumptuous palace of 1875, you will be welcomed with warmth and grace by attentive and kind staff, where chef Manuel Marchetta offers true food jems in the magical rooms, along with well-arranged tables facing the sea and in spring / summer you can eat on the lovely terrace overlooking the Gulf of Sanremo. It is impossible to describe a dish, such as the “Memory of a Grilled Cuttlefish”, where each bite generates new and different sensations: crunchy, sour, bitter, sweet and salty together. The sense organs transmit the stimuli to the brain: from the sight of the dish to its aroma, from the texture to the flavor, from the chewing to the mouthfeel and taste. In addition to the tasting menus (€ 50, € 60 and € 110), a rich and always updated st menu. Among the starters worth mentioning are the Sanremo prawns, zucchini trombette and a sashimi of amberjack in carpione, both straightforward and captivating. Main dishes include blue lobster, beetroot, spring onions, and Prussian beef, mousse of potatoes, porcini mushrooms and sea urchins. Clean and well-highlighted flavors, held together by the strong identity of chef Manuel, who through his dishes offers to expand your culinary knowledge and offer you a unique experience, bringing home a memorable impression. Noteworthy is the wine list, the result of expertise, passion and constant research.

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