Corso Principe Eugenio, 17
closing: Domenica
Tel: 0114365899

A stone’s throw away from Piazza Piazza Statuto and from the new Porta Susa train station, which has helped modernize a vast area of the city. The Parlapà is a wine bar with a kitchen that is popular with a lot of the city’s gourmets. You can eat among shelves full of all kinds of wines as well as a wide selection of distilled spirits ranging from rum to whisky and Italian grappas. The owners are from Monferrato and all of their beef, which is one of the restaurant’s strong points, comes from there as well. Here you can have specialties that are difficult to find elsewhere: from veal liver with kidneys (the lemon infused one is delightful), bull testicles with goose, hen salad and rabbit liver patè. Their “tajarin” are not not be missed (you can choose from various types of sauces), the “spaghetti alla chitarra” (the ones with leeks and “guanciale” are excellent) and the “agnolotti”(the borage ones are not to be missed when in season.) The vegetables which accompany the main dishes are noteworthy as well from the “barbabuc” to the wild poppies. From their desserts make sure not to miss the chocolate salami and the orange tart when in season. A meal will set you back around 30 to 40 euro.

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