Playa Manola

Via Lungomare, 90
closing: in inverno lunedi e mercoledì a cena, martedi tutto il giorno
Tel: 0184460245

Restaurant and seaside resort on the Arma di Taggia promenade, an enchanted place in any season, completely made of white and blue wood, with wide windows and maritime style furnishing. A lighting environment both in the wintertime and in the summer season, when it is possible to remain outside in the wonderful porch. Ivan Lombardo’s restaurant offers a cuisine of the territory, mostly seafood, well cooked and presented with fantasy, like the appetizers served on many small plates staked like a pyramid. Among the appetizers an be enjoyed the brandacujun, stockfish and potatoes seasoned with garlic and oil, raw tuna and swordfish, among first course dishes seafood ravioli and swordfish tagliolini are very appreciated. Excellent is fried fish, delicate and tasty, flavourful are also meat and seafood grilled dishes, like “picanha”, a sirloin of Argentine meat. Must be tasted also the desserts, even made on the spot, like chocolate soufflé or Taggia fennel biscuit. Welcoming and available staff. Ideal for lunches and dinners for special occasions. Good selection of wines, especially from the territory. Ivan, the chef is well known charged with great positive Energy, goes around the tables to cheer customers and chatting with them.

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