Restaurant Nordkapp

Piazza Umberto, 11
closing: Mercoledì
Tel: 0125355096

Located in the beautiful Gressoney Saint-Jean’s square, the two-storey restaurant has been recently renewed with very taste and now it is more welcoming and modern, while maintaining a warm mountain style. The restaurant, managed by the chef Luca and his wife Pria, sommelier, that takes care of the dining service, is featured by a modern but traditional menù at the same time, with the use of all the highest quality ingredients cooked in a smart and original way. The platter of cold cuts of their production is excellent, such as the decomposed veil in tuna sauce or the tartara with toma of Alpeggio mousse; among the first courses: the homemade noodles with fresh porcini mushrooms, emmer macaroni with baby spinach, fondue and walnuts, and a excellent polenta with deer. Among the second courses: the veal ganascino has an incredible consistency given by the perfect cooking; and the rabbit is really unique. Homemade desserts: the decomposed tiramisu, ice cream with violets and the apple crumble with ice cream is amazing. All the dishes enhanced to make them attractive and very interesting are very well presented by the chef, who takes an incredible care for details. Excellent winery that offers both local and national labels. In the summer the possibility to use a comfortable terrace.

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