Ristorante Quintilio

Via Antonio Gramsci, 23
closing: lunedì.
Tel: 01958000

Quintilio’s restaurant is a guarantee of quality and good food since 1889, on the border between Piedmont and Liguria. Luca and Lorena have continued a journey of great tradition of the family restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is very refined and elegant, it is divided into three rooms, the largest classical dining room, with collections of antique glass vases, then there is the winery, Lorraine’s pride, competent sommelier, where you are surrounded by a collection of more than 500 labels and another lounge more private, with rare books and precious objects. The cuisine is based on products of the highest quality, depending on the season, such as precious truffles, collected in the surrounding areas, and mushrooms in classic and innovative recipes. The amuse-bouche is a tasting of rice cake, a real treat, followed by homemade bread, focaccia and breadsticks. The tasting menu consists of 4 courses for 45 euro and will fully satisfy you. Among the appetizers we mention the egg pochè with parmesan mousse and brown stock with or without truffles, a refined bowl of duck foie gras, marinated in sauternes. Among the first courses there are the unmissable ravioli al plin or the exquisite gnocchi with Calizzano potatoes with fondue and black truffle. Among the main courses you can taste the tripes with beans, or the classic braised with barolo. Delicious desserts, such as apple pie with homemade ice-cream. Well-stocked wine cellar with the best local labels.

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