Ristorante X Bacco

Acqui Terme
closing: Dal lunedì al venerdi aperto solo a cena. Sabato e domenica aperto tutto il giorno.
Tel: 014456199

Strolling trough the historic center of Acqui is a memorable experience. You shouldn’t miss a stop at the neoclassic newsstand set up in the center of the Bollente square, where the hottest and most ancient water from this thermal city gushes. The historic churches, the Paleologi Castle and the Episcopal Seminary are also worth a visit. There is much to see and around Bollente square we find this tavern with a nice well furnished and welcoming room inside. During summer you can dine in the pleasant outdoor area. The menu is entirely dedicated to Piedmontese and Acquese cuisine. Start with the appetizers, notably the house mix, consisting of Russian salad, veal with tuna sauce and peppers served with bagna cauda, toma cheese with honey and minced fassona beef (15 €). Among the first courses, you can choose between ravioli del plin or tajarin cooked with meat sauce or porcini mushrooms, but also pumpkin tortelli or salmon tortelli (10 to 15 €). The latter are based on fassona beef, both the steak and the rib (18 to 20 €), and brased and roasted meat as well. You can taste an excellent acquese stockfish and stewed tripe (10 to 12 €). To end on a sweet note, after enjoying the robiola cheese of Roccaverano, follow the house desserts, ever changing at each meal, all to taste. In season you can taste truffles and mushrooms. Courteous and timely service. Excellent wine list with interesting choice of local labels and more.

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