Trattoria Ca’veja

Via Costamagna, 2
closing: martedì sera e mercoledì
Tel: 0172696134

This typical Piedmontese trattoria is located in an the area called “The balcony of the Langhe” above the left bank of the Tanaro. It is rustic, neat and pleasant, and during the summer you can eat outside under the “Toppia”. The trattoria is family owned, mom Marisa backs son Massino in the kitchen while daughter Cinzia works the dining room. You’ll feel at ease by the fireplace in the winter in their two cozy dining rooms. The kitchen offers seasonal dishes, a tasting menu is available for € 27 without drinks, an à la carte menu is available as well. You’ll find classic Piedmontese appetizers such as local cured meats, soused vegetables, meat tartare and tajarin with 30 egg yolks with ragout made by Marisa, plin agnolotti, .and then tajarin made by Marisa with 30 eggs and seasoned with meat sauce, agnolotti del plin, and cisrà which is a tripe and chickpea soup. You’ll also find traditional Piedmontese dishes such as mixed boiled meats with sauces, fritto misto, finanziera and homemade cakes such as bunet and hazelnut cake together with creamy panna cotta and bread baked in a wood-burning oven. Their wine selection includes labels from nearby Lange. Truffles and mushrooms are available when in season. Friendly attentive and very helpful service. Excellent value for your money.

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