Officine del Cibo

A place that deserves a stop even taking into account to leave the nearby highway exit. Giacomo Devoto offers traditional Ligurian cuisine delivering dishes rediscovered and reinterpreted in a gourmet style, either with simplicity and authenticity. The internal rooms are large and bright, with modern, sober furnishings and local products on display on the shelves. The dishes are the result of a careful search for raw materials, always of a high quality, starting from anchovies, the catch of the day, to meats and vegetables supplied by several Slow Food presidium in the area. To name one, the handmade pasta of the Ligurian tradition, such as the “Crosetti”. Try the marinated Monterosso anchovies, the stuffed lettuces, the stuffed muscles reworked with a touch of modernity; among the meats: the Ligurian rabbit and the stuffed top, which, you can taste in its most inventive version. The desserts are also excellent. The friendly and smiling staff will help you to choose your dishes and drinks. Interesting cellar with natural wines refermented in bottles and craft beers; let yourself be tempted by the proposals of intriguing combinations such as that of (beer) bubbles with pizza. The prices of the pizzeria vary from 7 to 16€; reasonable prices ranging between 9 and 15€ and an average for a meal of nearly 30€.