Hosteria del viale sala

Hostaria del Viale

Ideal place to taste the authentic seafood flavor, near the historic center and the railway station. Elegant and welcoming rooms, fully open kitchen and a large terrace. The chef, Federico Scardina, with previous experience in Italy and abroad, offers fresh fish dishes with local vegetables. Flowers are not only a mere embellishment, but are also used to give more taste and flavor to the dish. Bread and focaccia are home-grown as are fresh pastas, which are a strong point of the venue. Two tasting menus are offered: at € 39 with 5 dishes and one at € 49, with 7 dishes. Delicious stuffed anchovies accompanied by organic lemon gel and the reworking of zimino with local cuttlefish, beet cream from the garden, presciunsêua cheese and fried panissa. Always in the menu the brandacujun with Castelbianco potatoes, in season courgette flowers stuffed with prescinsêua cheese, in tempura on a beefsteak cream and Sichuan pepper. Among the pastas to try the Ravioli stuffed with fish combined with a delicate beefsteak tomato sauce and pansoti di magro. Among the second course fish of the day grilled, baked or fried. Even the desserts and mini pastries offered at the end of the meal with coffee are cooked in the pastry lab by the chef in person. Prices: appetizers and first courses on average around 15 euros, second courses from 17 to 25 euros. Wines with a wide choice of local labels.

Pignatta Rossa Artrattoria

Walking through Albissola Marina you can breathe Art on every corner, from the Lungomare degli Artisti to the galleries of sculptors and painters that you find in every street. This small but charmy place is located on a  characteristic  narrow street not far from the sea and from the roman road Via Aurelia. On the walls, paintings and sculptures by local artists, such as Giacomo, husband of Tiziana, the chef of the Artrattoria who designed the tables dedicating them to great painters. An all-female management both in the dining room and in the kitchen welcomes customers with a smile and seduces them with Tiziana’s delicious and original dishes. The menu changes every month because it is linked to seasonal products and local fresh fish. In autumn, we starts with tataki tuna with beetroot and honey cream, or pumpkin and almond pulp or seared squid with seasonal vegetables (to taste). In the first courses, enjoy the exquisite fish carbonara, the specialty of Tiziana, or the orange-flavored salmon ravioli with salted ricotta. We continue with cod meatballs with zucchini or the redfish soup. Meat dishes such as deer roast beef and rabbit roll with hazelnuts and taragna polenta are two classic staples. Excellent choice also in homemade desserts. The wine list is curated with interesting proposals from the area and beyond.

Il Quadrifoglio

Externally the restaurant looks like a typical small town diner, but upon entering the very large room, you will be welcomed by the owner with warmth and kindness and will find unusual and special dishes on the menu: breaded snails with hazelnuts on a leek mousse, egg cocotte with white truffle, spinach and cauliflower flan with fondue, hen salad with grana cheese dressing with a 50-month maturing (from 8 to 15 €). In the first courses, the appetizing oxtail ravioli, the delicious tortellini pasta with porcini mushrooms, the veroniche (typical piedmontese ravioli del plin topped with fondue) are mouthwatering, and the cappelletti with a double shrimp, (all for € 10). The latter are all to be tasted, starting from the crispy pork belly with prunes and the pheasant breast with chestnuts and mushrooms (from 10 to 15 €). The menu also offers excellent sea food, shrimp and octopus, very tasty especially when are cooked at low temperature. In season there are always mushrooms and truffles, coming in original combinations and preparations. To finish the homemade desserts like the double chocolate cake with sweet potatoes and pears, the soft meringue with cream and the classic tiramisu served in large glasses (all for € 6). Coffee is made with the mocha. The kitchen opens onto the dining room to give you a peek at the setting where the husband’s owner, chef Marco Moraglio works with professionalism and competence. The nearby motorway exit also favors a stop for those passing through.

Da Gin

We are in Val Pennavaire, an oasis of greenery and tranquility, which leads to a cuisine based on Zero KM food, where vegetables are grown in the family garden and herbs are collected in the nearby countryside. The menu is strictly seasonal and served with an oil extracted with hard work from the steep terraces that separate the restaurant from the hamlet of Colletta, which is deservedly included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The chef bears the name of a flower, Rosa, and is nice and skilled. After inserting vegetarian and vegan dishes in traditional inland cuisine, she has now launched herself with originality in the cooking with flowers. Rosa knows the right processing times, the correct quantity of iungredients to use and the appropriate combinations. You can choose à la carte dishes or the tasting menu, which often varies according to the season and the availability of the products. It also often organizes interesting themed evenings, with refined and light dishes. Here are some suggestions: the violet Asparagus with vegan violets mayonnaise; potato gnocchi paired with a nasturtium pesto; zucchini stuffed with calendula and geranium. Her husband Marino, who takes care of the cellar, works with the best selections of Ligurian production and also has 8 elegant rooms and a welcoming garden.

Osteria La Briga

Although located in the municipality of Finale Ligure, Osteria La Briga is surrounded by the greenery of the Manie plateau, in a rural landscape where in summer you can enjoy the coolness, away from the beaches and the noises of the coast. Outside the tavern, under the trees, among the household artifacts made of wrought iron and straw, the wooden tables and the benches, illuminated by small lights, make the environment extremely pleasant and relaxing. The menu offers simple and genuine typical dishes, with excellent quality ingredients, mainly oriented on meat, but also on vegetables dishes. In the mixed appetizer we find the classic veal with tuna sauce, vegetable pies, Russian salad, etc. (14 euros). The homemade pastas, such as gnocchi with pesto, ravioli with sauce flavourings or with rabbit ragout are all mouthwatering (prices from 9 to 12 euros). Among the first courses delicious soups and Ligurian minestrone are also served (8 euros). Various types of grilled meat accompanied by roasted vegetables (rabbit, chanterelle, lamb, etc.) prevail from 17 to 21 euros. Excellent homemade desserts. Good choice of local wines, and a wide choice of craft beers. Ideal stop also for snacks and aperitifs, and for quick lunches. You can taste seasonal truffles and mushrooms as well. Young and competent staff, both in the kitchen and in the dining room, make your break comfortable with their sympathy and kindness.

Vino e Farinata

Historic spot in the center of the city, where you can taste two types of “farinata”, a very special unleavened pancake of chickpea flour: the one made of wheat flour or the white flour one, as it is called in this area. Cooked in a tin-plated copper pan called “testo”, in a wood-fired oven, you can eat it only in Savona and in a few other places in Albissola, a few kilometers away, hard to find anywhere else on the Riviera di Ponente and Levante area. The white flour farinata is rigorously tasted with the cheese (fresh goat cheese) and the local black olives. Chickpea farinata is also served with many ingredients in addition to olives, with gorgonzola, rosemary, gianchetti (whitebait fish), spring onions. In this historical location you can taste first courses like legume or fish soups (4 or 8€), borage ravioli (8€) and gnocchi with pesto (7€), among the latter the typical stuffed anchovies (8€), seafood salads (9€), and sea bream “frisceu”, a local fish & chips dish (7€). Not only fish but also dishes from the Ligurian hinterland such as stuffed vegetables, herb pies, artichokes, “prescinseua” (variety of curd cheese with a consistency half way between  yogurt  and  ricotta cheese) of Genoese tradition (8€), and meat dishes. To finish, house desserts, such as chocolate pudding (grandmother’s recipe) and baked pears (all for 4€). Low prices and a relaxed atmosphere like a real trattoria, make it a very popular place for locals and tourists who want to taste the well cooked and genuine local specialties.

I Matetti

You can still find traditional Ligurian food in the renowned and famous Alassio, a true authentic trattoria, with the menu written in dialect by hand on a notebook like the ones used in schools many years ago: an informal atmosphere, black and white photos from the 70’s on the walls of children or “matetti” in dialect posing in their school uniform or for group pictures. Upon entering you’ll see a big blackboard with the daily dishes. Dishes follow Ligurian tradition, flavorful big portions. It’s a piity one has to choose as all dishes are worth trying. The owners are always happy and nice, sometimes they pretend to be grouchy but they’re just joking around and they’ll catch you off guard. For starters try their mixed appetizer with fried anchovies, seafood salad, cabbage wraps and Recco focaccia. Among their first courses we recommend their ravioli, pansotti, tagliatelle with bottarga and shrimp and the “gasse”: farfalle shaped fresh pasta, with pesto and potatoes. Among second dishes you’ll find mixed fried seafood, rabbit, octopus, stewed squid and the codfish. Their selection of desserts includes classics such as the bunet, tiramisù and ice creams. Their delicious apple fritters are served to everyone at the end of the meal. Small cellar with Vermentino and Pigato at reasonable prices. Excellent value for your money, a meal will set you back about € 25. Reservations are recommended.

Osteria del Tempo Stretto

When you walk through the tavern’s door you get into a welcoming and well-kept location, leaving behind the traffic and noise of the Aurelia drive. The chef Cinzia Chiappori has a great professionalism, but she is a simple and honest person. She loves getting involved in trying new dishes with special ingredients, she likes to open her kitchen to other chefs and offers four-handed dinners, even with skit nights. The constant of its cuisine is the highest quality products always fresh and zero-mile. In the last year she renewed the dining room, with a touch of pink, and even her menus by offering for working lunch at noon unique and simple dishes at 15 euro, and in the evening more elaborate menus at 30 euro. Cinzia offers a creative local cuisine, where the local fish is very present, as well as artichokes and violet asparagus, slow food presidia. The delicious rabbit tuna and salmon tartare with raw artichokes and brandacujun are worth to be tasted. Among the first courses we mention the corzetti with artichokes and clams, the noodles with curry and shrimp ragù. Among the second courses, the delicious octopus cooked in red wine. The desserts are very carefully prepared by the chef, with unusual ingredients, such as the panna cotta with asparagus, edible flowers and lavender. In good weather you can have lunch in the garden and stop and rest in the three beautiful rooms on the upper floor.

La Prua

Situated in an incredible location at the start of the trekking itinerary, and with a porch which allows to eat a stone’s throw from the sea (and in the summer, right on the beach), this restaurant bets it all on local fish and high quality ingredients, only using the finest products, possibly local. The tasting menu, priced 50 Euros excluding wine, envisages, as starter, eledones on a pumpkin and ginger cream; purple yam gnocchi with baby squids and bagna cauda; sea bass escalope with dry pulses and cereals as second course; and dessert of your choice. A la carte, you can find, as starters, an intriguing “crudo di pesce” (fish tartare), a tryptic with sea bass on dry fava beans cream, smoked swordfish on toast with black sesame, and eledones. Among the first courses: squid ink tagliolini with John Dory, baby broccolis and pine nuts, sea bass ravioli with tuna, and a chickpeas zimino (a vegetable sauce) with shrimp tails. We recommend the fritto misto (fried mix), light and crispy, and the fish grilled mix. Meaty and vegetarian dishes are also offered. There is a wide selection of desserts, such as the chocolate “triple mousse” with Grand Marnier and pistachios, and the clementine and chestnuts crème. The wine list is interesting and offers both local wines, and a good selection of important choices from other Italian regions.

Boma Ristorante Caffè

The restaurant is located in a small tourist harbor, has modern and elegant rooms together with a welcoming and cozy atmosphere as well as an open space area during the summer where you can enjoy the sea view. It was opened in 2006 by the Patanè brothers, Alessandro is a chef with a passion for cooking and Giovanni is an expert sommelier who takes care of the main dining room. Both teach cooking courses. Boma’s cuisine is mostly based on local fish, cooked on the spot as well as dishes cooked with local ingredients. Tasting menu available for € 35 “Flavors of the sea”, which include a starter, first and second course and dessert. From their à la carte menu we recommend the octopus or stockfish salad or the codfish. Their first courses of fresh pasta with local fish are excellent as well as the classic pansotti with walnut sauce or the hulled wheat tagliatelle with pesto and julienned eggplant. Among second courses we recommend the fried seafood or the daily catch as well as meat dishes such as the sliced Piedmontese meat or the veal rum. Good desserts with inviting presentations and wide selection of wines with international and regional labels.