Da Gin

Via Pennavaire, 99
closing: lunedì e martedì, aperto le sere rimanenti. Festivi aperto anche a pranzo.
Tel: 018277001

We are in Val Pennavaire, an oasis of greenery and tranquility, which leads to a cuisine based on Zero KM food, where vegetables are grown in the family garden and herbs are collected in the nearby countryside. The menu is strictly seasonal and served with an oil extracted with hard work from the steep terraces that separate the restaurant from the hamlet of Colletta, which is deservedly included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. The chef bears the name of a flower, Rosa, and is nice and skilled. After inserting vegetarian and vegan dishes in traditional inland cuisine, she has now launched herself with originality in the cooking with flowers. Rosa knows the right processing times, the correct quantity of iungredients to use and the appropriate combinations. You can choose à la carte dishes or the tasting menu, which often varies according to the season and the availability of the products. It also often organizes interesting themed evenings, with refined and light dishes. Here are some suggestions: the violet Asparagus with vegan violets mayonnaise; potato gnocchi paired with a nasturtium pesto; zucchini stuffed with calendula and geranium. Her husband Marino, who takes care of the cellar, works with the best selections of Ligurian production and also has 8 elegant rooms and a welcoming garden.

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