Ristorante i 5 Sensi

Three brothers are a new entry of this young and dynamic, as its managers, restaurant. They, skilled and full of passion, helped by their mother, in March 2017 opened this restaurant located in the historic center of Cuneo, a modern and bright, informal and welcoming environment. The menù offer satisfies every need: from the lower price at 27 euros, with an appetizer, a first course, a second one and dessert, at 30 euros with the addition of an appetizer and the tasting one, more complete, with 3 appetizers, the first course, the second course of your own choosing, and the dessert, adding the beverage you can reach an excellent value for money. The preparations are creative and original, cooked with local products, depending on the season and presented with elegance. For example, the crunchy filo pastry with abbot pears sprinkled with port and gorgonzola sauce among the appetizers, the maltagliati of buckwheat with rabbit meat sauce on cream of peppers of Carmagnola and the delicious ravioles of Val Varaita among the first courses, then the pink veal codon with its consommè, and delicate preparations also of fish. To end the excellent desserts, all strictly homemade, with fruit, even exotic, puddings and ice cream, the inevitable chocolate cake, served with imagination and fancy. Excellent selection of cheeses served with compotes and honey. Very accurate service. Good selection of wines, recommended by the sommelier in the dining room.

La Crota

In the central area of Mondovì, on the main road, a small sign indicates the presence of the restaurant, named “crota”, which in Piedmontese indicates the cellar. The large vaults, the modern furniture with wood and stone combinations, the paintings in warm colours create a pleasantly welcoming environment. Alessandra, kind and polite, is busy in the restaurant room while her husband Daniele, a top-level chef, is focused on cooking. Together, with great passion and professionalism, they offer creative cuisine with local ingredients without hiding the Ligurian origins. The Ligurian imprint, whose most salient feature are the aromatic herbs, the unmissable pesto, focaccias, vegetables and fish, mixes with local products. Among the first courses cocoa potato gnocchi, parmesan cream and black pepper (9€), ricotta and lemon ravioli with red prawns, cherry tomatoes and marjoram (14€) or the authentic trenette with pesto with potatoes and green beans (9€). Then we find a tasty stewed veal with milk and hazelnuts, potato pie with herbs (€ 15) and rabbit morsels with olives and pine nuts (€ 14), but also seafood dishes such as fillet of sea bass in caper crust (16€) and breaded fried anchovies (12€). The meal ends with homemade desserts such as rose flavoured custard cake with a side of white chocolate or the cheesecake with raspberry sauce and peanut biscuit (€ 6). Cellar with a good choice of local wines, also served by the glass.

Grand Hotel Principe

The Grand Hotel Principe is situated in a beautiful location, right in front of the ski slopes and the ski lift. This historic structure first opened its doors in 1903 close to the old town, in front of the first sledge lift. It is located in a stone building, surrounded by a pines and larches park which also accommodates a swimming pool and the dehors of the Bar-Restaurant, that preserved its grandiose and majestic charm throughout the decades. The culinary offer will satisfy tourists looking for international dishes, as much as lovers of the Piedmontese culinary tradition. The starters include a classic platter of local cured meats and quiche with Raschera fondue; among the first courses, a special mention goes to the Valgranotti with Castelmagno cheese, tagliolini with Alba-truffle sauce, as well as to the traditional mountain soups, such as the exquisite “ULA”, made with beans, leeks and pork ribs slow-cooked for hours in the traditional terracotta pot. The recommended second course is game meat (deer, venison, and wild boar), either with herbs or stewed with Barolo and Barbaresco wines. And finally, the desserts: pies with berries jam, but also the traditional Bunet, a must. The wine cellar hosts local labels, important red wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, but also wines from other Italian regions that are particularly appreciated, and requested, by international clients.

Osteria Italia

Osteria Italia is located a few kilometers from Alba in a small community called San Rocco Seno d’Elvio, surrounded by the Barbaresco vineyards deep in the hills and heart of the Langhe. Marina and Renato Delpiano, owners and managers of the restaurant, offer a traditional cuisine that’s tied to local products, with some revisited dishes. The atmosphere is rustic but elegant, the decor is tasteful with beautiful paintings on the walls. Marina takes care of the dining room and is kind and welcoming; Renato’s a cheerful joker, and he prepares exquisite dishes with love. As soon as you sit down he’ll whet your appetite with his “bugie salate” served together with local salami. Then you’ll move on to the appetizers such as vitel tonné or beet pie with fondue. Among first courses we recommend the plin ravioli, the Langa tagliatelle made with 30 egg yolks or the Castelmagno gnocchi. Among meats it isn’t easy to choose between the “priest’s hat” and the or the lamb saddle with raspberry mostarda. You should also try their desserts which are all homemade such as the hazelnut torte with Moscato zabaglione or the apple cake. Wide selection of wines, mostly local. Tasting menu priced at € 35.

La Luna nel Pozzo

This restaurant is located in Neive’s historic center, a small town just a few kilometers away from Alba which is surrounded by Barbaresco vineyards in the heart of the Langhe. The dining room is spacious with tasteful decor, the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Vera and Cesare built this restaurant from the ground up defining themselves “reckless and brave”, they’ve come a long way since 1990 and they have been able to offer local food with innovative touches. They search for high quality products: fruits, vegetables, beef, lamb rabbit, goat, chicken and cheeses are all organic and local. Every day four different kinds of bread are prepared with stoneground flour from nearby mills. Vera channels her creativity through her cuisine. For € 45 you can try their tasting menu which includes smoked homemade pork fillet, pig’s foot and pomegranate salad, free range chicken tortelli on top of a cardoon cream and lamb loin with herbs and sesame leeks together with your choice of dessert. There’s also a tasting menu available for € 58 with more elaborate dishes as well as white or black truffle menus depending on the season. Wide selection of wines with the best labels from nearby hills.

La Libera

In the center of Alba, a historic spot with a simple and modern atmosphere. Their culinary offering is the result of the creativity of three chefs: Flavia Boffo, Matteo Viberti and Massimo Corso together with the help of Alessia Nastro. Traditional Piedmontese recipes are revisited to create unique and interesting dishes. You are always greeted with a smile and advised on the day’s specialties. The quality of products is fundamental. Fish comes from the Il molo di Alba fish shop, meat from the Parracone di Valdieri butcher shop and local suppliers guarantee the freshness of vegetables, fruits and eggs. On their à la carte menu you’ll find all the dishes which have made Piedmontese cuisine famous such as the giardiniera, vitel tonné, plin agnolotti, tripe au gratin, meat tartare, panna cotta and tiramisù. These dishes are available daily. This restaurant is an ideal place to sample the white truffle. Wide selection of wines which includes small and medium local labels. Prices start at € 40 and are always in tune with the quality of the products. Lalibera is more than an osteria and it is surely worth a visit.

Osteria DI VIN Roero

The Osteria is located in the small central square of Vezza d’Alba, a delightful town in Roero, an area which produces very good wines, among which the Roero and Arneis. Originally the restaurant was called “Ca d’i vin” (House of wines) in dialect, a wine bar where you could get a bite to eat and has transformed into an osteria changing its name to the current one. In the kitchen Marco’s expert hands and in the dining room Rosa’s warmth and kindness will welcome you to this typical trattoria with four adjoining rooms. The decor and attention to detail, even though simple and typical will make you feel as if you’re in your grandparents’ house. A tasting menu costs € 24 without drinks and wine and it will allow you to try the typical cuisine of Roero, from the various appetizers with veal tartare with herbs, the classic Russian salad, the spinach quiche with fondue, the homemade pastas with Piedmontese ragout, or seasonal mushrooms and truffles and Raschera gnocchi. Among their second courses we recommend civet deer, turkey braised in Nebbiolo wine or local lamb. Desserts include bunet, pannna cotta and the soft hazelnut torte with zabaglione. Wine cellar includes local labels.

Ristorante Venaria Reale “Da Matteo”

We are at the doors of The Langhe, on the left bank of the Tanaro river. The Venaria was originally an inn for the hunters, it became Royal in the XVIII century for noble acquaintances. Here Napoleon lived in 1796 during the armistice of Cherasco, and Narzole was invested by him for the traditional November Fair so “The Royal Venaria” became a reference point for staying in and taking refreshment, and it is even now with rooms at fair prices (60 – 80 euro). The annexe restaurant has taken the name of the owner, that with the help of his son Luca, has been running it for over 40 years, keeping alive the origins. Here you can taste the true Piedmontese cuisine, such as the window displayed traditional appetizers, and the fassone meat tartare, veal in tuna sauce, Russian salad, Bra sausage, salted tongue, liver patè, cotechino with fondue and so on…, with truffles throughout the year, white or black depending on the season. Among the first courses you can choose: ravioli with butter and sage or with meat sauce, risotto with fondue, Langarola noodles with mushrooms and vegetables soups. Among the second courses: the inevitable hazelnut roast, pot roast, fondue with truffles. Among the classic desserts: the panna cotta, bunuet and peaches with amaretto. Wines are chiefly Piedmontese reds of the producers of the near Langhe. For a whole meal, without quantity limits, you will pay not more than 30 euro excluding wines (except during the white truffle season when the price will be determined by the market).

Osteria Primi Dolci

Cervere is known internationally for growing delicious leeks; their festival takes place in November. During the festival the chef offers a menu with the leek as a protagonist which includes 5 starters, a first course, second course and dessert for 28 €, drinks not included. Leeks are not their only specialty: you can also find snails cooked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, parsley and leeks which Giovanni Arpino enjoys very much, frogs and sliced fassone cooked on soapstone. The atmosphere is nice and cozy, the service friendly and attentive, thanks to cheerful chef Massimo and his collaborators. On their a la carte menu you’ll find traditional Piedmontese dishes with appetizers such marinated eel and meat tartare, first courses which include plin agnolotti, tajarin with “Granda” ragout and Castelmagno gnocchi. Second courses include frog and snails as well as fillets and entrecôtes served on a stone. Very interesting desserts, you should definitely try the nougat semifreddo with hazelnut sauce and zabaglione with Lady’s Kisses. Their wine list offers the best local wines. Fair prices, 30 euro.

Trattoria Vascello d’Oro

This spot has become an institution, it was established in 1887 and has always been family owned and since 1982 it has been in the hands of the Cravero family. The owner Beppe, great talker and chef together with Mrs. Lidia, kind and pleasant in the dining room and their son Marco who is a sommelier; thanks to him the restaurant has a very wide selection of wines. The trattoria is warm and welcoming and it is located inside a typical country home, with four dining rooms which have been decorated with antique family furniture and a wine cellar “la crota dl’amicissia” where up to 10 people can dine; there’s also a new space on the upper floor and during the summer people can have lunch in the small terrace. For starters we recommend the classic mixed Piedmontese appetizers, among which you’ll find meat tartare and Russian salad. Among first courses you’ll find the ravioli rice and cabbage and the tajarin with sauce. The star of the show are the mixed boiled meats, this trattoria is the perfect place to try this dish with the right number of meats and typical sauces (7 cuts of meat and 7 sauces.) If you’d like to try other specialties we recommend the batsua (breaded and fried pig’s feet) or the finanziera. Good selection of desserts, from the bonet, hazelnut cake and pears cooked in wine. Tasting menu priced at € 37, during week priced at € 35.