Trattoria Vascello d’Oro

Via San Giuseppe, 9
closing: domenica sera, lunedì
Tel: 017375478

This spot has become an institution, it was established in 1887 and has always been family owned and since 1982 it has been in the hands of the Cravero family. The owner Beppe, great talker and chef together with Mrs. Lidia, kind and pleasant in the dining room and their son Marco who is a sommelier; thanks to him the restaurant has a very wide selection of wines. The trattoria is warm and welcoming and it is located inside a typical country home, with four dining rooms which have been decorated with antique family furniture and a wine cellar “la crota dl’amicissia” where up to 10 people can dine; there’s also a new space on the upper floor and during the summer people can have lunch in the small terrace. For starters we recommend the classic mixed Piedmontese appetizers, among which you’ll find meat tartare and Russian salad. Among first courses you’ll find the ravioli rice and cabbage and the tajarin with sauce. The star of the show are the mixed boiled meats, this trattoria is the perfect place to try this dish with the right number of meats and typical sauces (7 cuts of meat and 7 sauces.) If you’d like to try other specialties we recommend the batsua (breaded and fried pig’s feet) or the finanziera. Good selection of desserts, from the bonet, hazelnut cake and pears cooked in wine. Tasting menu priced at € 37, during week priced at € 35.

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