Ristorante Santo Spirito

Piazza Roma, 23
closing: mercoledì
Tel: 018494019

In the Argentina valley at about 400 meters, immersed in the green and small lakes that the streams Argentina and Corte create in their path, with the possibility of having a stroll and excursion for either families or expert walkers, we find the hotel-restaurant Santo Spirito, an institution, that since more than a century offers dishes cooked following ancient recipes and using genuine products and local outstanding items. The vigilant family management has created a hospital environment; in the hall there are various relics and objects from the past, with old photographs and documents. The dishes are traditional, those that were prepared at home by grandmothers and recall to the mind flavours of the past. We find here chickpeas and assorted legumes soups, home made tagliatelle or fresh pasta with chestnuts flour, like the “colpi di dito” or the quadrotti to be dressed with “bruzzo”, the tasty sheep ricotta. Among second course dishes goat with beans, molinese escargots, stewed boar. Delicious homemade desserts like the pudding with eggs and castagnaccio, prepared in the ancient way. Vegetables are almost exclusively produced in the family farm, tank to grandpa Augusto. The selection of wines includes the Ormeasco produced by the family farm and also excellent bottles of Piedmont wines. The menu’s price ranges from € 20 to € 35.

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