Osteria da Gemma

Via marconi, 6
closing: lunedì e martedì
Tel: 0173794252

This tavern is a diamond, encrusted in a beautiful and fascinating landscape. Gemma’s cuisine is traditional, and reminds of our mums’ and grandmothers’ cooking. The menu never changes, and is a guarantee of high quality, thanks to the use of local ingredients, supplied by trusted producers. As entrée, everyone is offered some salami, in its raw and cured versions, which it would be wise to skip if you want to make it to the desserts. The starters include a delicious coleslaw, an exquisite meat tartare, and the always-popular vitello tonnato. The first courses, plin ravioli and tajarin, are an absolute gem. Gemma is an artist: she can roll the pasta dough, with her rolling pin, up to 16 meters long, and she was a key promoter of the “social plin”, an authentic rite, recurring every Thursday, when the local women meet to prepare the ravioli; they do it together, laughing and telling each other stories, and when they are done with the cooking, they enjoy the meal Gemma prepares for her friends, always with a smile on her face. The menu also includes second courses: rabbit, wild boar with chestnuts, and stew with vegetable sides. Finally, three desserts: a light and crisp meringue cake, bonet – always delicious, and a traditional strudel. The set menu is 29 Euros, excluding wine. The staff is professional, and always ready to welcome you warmly.

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