Ristorante Madama Piola Cherasco

Via San Pietro, 26/a
closing: martedì e mercoledì
Tel: 0172753157

Cherasco is the capital of heliciculture, so the cuisine pays particular attention to tasty snails based preparations. A warm environment, tables and lighting in a well-balanced traditional and modern contrast, provides a particular charm. You can start with typical Piedmontese appetizers: from tomini fresh cheese served in green or red sauce, green anchovies, salame della rosa with butter (medium-grain raw salami stuffed into pink casing), finely sliced slow-cooked veal served cold with tuna sauce, presented as in the Turin restaurant with bassoon, rabbit tuna, peppers with Cauda sauce, baked onion stuffed with amaretti sausage and grana cheese and obviously “Chiocciole Metodo Cherasco” snails served with butter and parsley. Among the first courses: homemade pasta, del Plin agnolotti, gnocchi with meat ragout, roast meat sauce, butter and sage or in meat stock. Among the second courses the outstanding snails stewed in tomato sauce. A special mention to the “Bollito”, a traditional selection of meals comprising beefribs, veal head, tongue, cotechino sausage and chicken served with traditional sauces and kept warm in small soup bowls. In addition nebbiolo braised veal cheek or grilled rib with seasonal vegetables. Classic desserts: a cup of Tiramisù, Moscato zabaione served with cornmeal cookies, hazelnut cake with chocolate and coffeecream. Wide variety of wines with an eye to the best Piedmontese wines. Tasting menu at 40 € excluding drinks.

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