Ristorante Malò

Piazza Garibaldi, 1
closing: always open
Tel: 348 1590570

We are in the Alto Monferrato, among hills that offer fascinating views of the Alps and many traditional and typical dishes, including a fantastic salami, the filetto baciato. The owner, Cinzia runs the kitchen with care and competence, while the dining room is managed with warmth by her husband Enrico. In love with the place and its local traditions, they have reopened a restaurant with a long tradition. Customers are welcomed in a large dining room with a black and white marble floor and large windows overlooking the woods and mountains. On the walls photos and family documents testify to the long history of the place. In plain sight, many bottles of local wines (included in the menu) served with a fair refilling. The kitchen offers interesting appetizers such as the mixed boiled meat terrine, the beef beat to a knife with black truffle and the vegetable flan with the mountain toma cheese; fresh homemade pasta, such as tagliatelle and the classic plin with meat filling and Roasted Gravy, among the second courses boiled meat, Piedmontese mixed fry and game; there is a large choice of cold cuts and cheeses from local suppliers and creative desserts. The chef creates the menu in line with the rhythm of the seasons and prepares traditional seasonal recipes with inventiveness. The portions are generous, with excellent value for money. For a meal, the cost varies between 40 and 50€.

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