Trattoria da Bianca

Via Stefano Viaggio, 10
closing: giovedì sera e domenica sera
Tel: 0182761016

Arnasco is a delightful small town set among hills which produce the “pignola” an olive with a slight pine nut taste from which a renowned olive oil is made. People come to this amazing spot mostly for their amazing ravioli which Marica and her daughter Sonia prepare each day with herbs and borage and serve with sauce, butter or sage or simply plain just as they are right out of the water. Their menu is always the same, a guarantee of continuity in this restaurant which has been owned for three generations by the same family. The atmosphere is cozy, simple and inviting. You eat what is offered to you, nothing is written, all dishes are seasonal and the vegetables come from a garden opposite the restaurant. For starters try their 8 appetizers among which you’ll find cured meats, small onions, bean salad, vegetable pies, peppers, bruschetta, battered artichockes or zucchini blossoms.You should try their ravioli, tortellini or tagliatelle all homemade. Among second courses we recommend the Ligurian rabbit with olives and pine nuts, roast beef and snails. House desserts include: tiramisù, panna cotta, fruit tarts and apple pies. Local red and white wines are included in the menu price (€ 25). We recommend making reservations in advance during the weekend.

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