Trattoria Bel Deuit

Via Superga, 58
closing: Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì; Giovedì e Venerdi a pranzo e Domenica a cena.
Tel: 0119407736

The ideal spot for those who go up to the Basilica of Superga in search of memories of the Savoias and of the Grande Torino football team which met its end on this hill on the 4th May 1949. Trattoria Bel Deuit (dialect expression which means “the good way of doing things”) has an enchanting view of the hills of Turin and offers traditional cuisine. Their menu has a long list of appetizers which change from season to season but you’ll always find the veal with tuna sauce and veal tongue with green sauce. Among the first courses you’ll find the traditional plin agnolotti but also tajarin with a freisa di Chieri wine sauce sauteed in a reduction of the same wine and radicchio. From their second courses you should try the beef braised in Nebbiolo Langhe the Cherasco snails and the mixed fried fish. Among their desserts you’ll find the fresh zabajone with the hazelnut cake, bunet and, when in season, Martin pears cooked in Freisa with cloves and cinnamon. Good selection of Piedmontese wines. A meal will set you back 30 to 40 Euros.

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