Ristorante X Bacco

Strolling trough the historic center of Acqui is a memorable experience. You shouldn’t miss a stop at the neoclassic newsstand set up in the center of the Bollente square, where the hottest and most ancient water from this thermal city gushes. The historic churches, the Paleologi Castle and the Episcopal Seminary are also worth a visit. There is much to see and around Bollente square we find this tavern with a nice well furnished and welcoming room inside. During summer you can dine in the pleasant outdoor area. The menu is entirely dedicated to Piedmontese and Acquese cuisine. Start with the appetizers, notably the house mix, consisting of Russian salad, veal with tuna sauce and peppers served with bagna cauda, toma cheese with honey and minced fassona beef (15 €). Among the first courses, you can choose between ravioli del plin or tajarin cooked with meat sauce or porcini mushrooms, but also pumpkin tortelli or salmon tortelli (10 to 15 €). The latter are based on fassona beef, both the steak and the rib (18 to 20 €), and brased and roasted meat as well. You can taste an excellent acquese stockfish and stewed tripe (10 to 12 €). To end on a sweet note, after enjoying the robiola cheese of Roccaverano, follow the house desserts, ever changing at each meal, all to taste. In season you can taste truffles and mushrooms. Courteous and timely service. Excellent wine list with interesting choice of local labels and more.

Trattoria Pappa & Vino

In the earth of the city, a bright and welcoming venue, tastefully furnished in classic style, and with open wine cellar. The dishes of the day can be found on a dedicated board, and are presented by a polite and attentive staff. The kitchen, since the summer of 2017, is the kingdom of two chefs – Parisio Maurizio e Abrile Roberto – renowned in this area. The cooking philosophy, however, did not change, as it maintained strong ties with the Piedmontese and Ligurian traditions, sometimes strictly adhering to these, while in other cases introducing a few variations, and venturing with more modern presentations: the cima alla genovese and the brandacujun – anchovies and stock fish, are side-by-side on the menu with traditional Piedmontese dishes, especially meats cooked as roasts, roast beefs, carpaccio’s, and the must-have tripe “in umido”. Among the first courses are the traditional ravioli and tagliolini, but also gnocchi and delicious soups. All the ingredients are carefully sourced, and come from local farms; when seasonal, truffles and mushroom are always on the menu. A la carte, the price is roughly 30-35 Euro for an entrée, a first course, and a second course, excluding wine. The restaurant defines itself as a “Petite Champagnerie”, hinting to a passion for bottle-fermented Spumante wine. You will find some Italian sparkling wines which are proving very successful, such as blanc and rosé wines by Cuvage, local producers whose winery definitely deserves a visit.

Ristorante Il Carrettino

Situated strategically between Milan, Turin, and Genoa airports, and close to important commercial and touristic hubs, this restaurant was established in a tastefully renovated farmhouse. The location includes a big hotel with halls for conferences and events, and a restaurant, recommended as a handy location for receptions, but also for those who want to experience a tasty, traditional cuisine. This structure is surrounded by vast green areas, and it offers a wide parking space and children’s play-areas. The “Carrettino” proposes a working lunch from as little as € 12, together with a generous tasting menu from € 30. The latter allows you to try typical recipes of the Piedmontese tradition, such as filled pasta, risottos, beef and veal – including Fassona – meat, and special dishes prepared with buffalo meat (which is low-fat and easy to digest) such as ham and salami, served grilled. All the meat comes from Italian animals, bred sustainably and with special attention to their nutrition and well-being in the Fabbrica farm, located close-by and managed by the very same owner of the restaurant and hotel, together with his wife, and their staff. The meat, together with other products of the farm, can be purchased in the shop located next to the entrance of the restaurant. When seasonal, we suggest you try the delicious Tortona’s strawberry, Slow Food certified.

Osteria Cian de Bia’

This restaurant is located in the small village of Badalucco up some steps inside a beautiful and inviting stone house. It’s set in a comfortable and family atmosphere with a fireplace, exposed bricks and wooden decor. The cuisine is traditional. Every meal is a special occasion so you’ll have 5 starters: Russian salad, Badalucco white bean salad, the brandacujun, frandura which is a typical dish from nearby Montalto, vitel tonné and vegetable fritters. Two first courses: ravioli stuffed with herbs and if you’re lucky tagliatelle with river shrimp. Among second courses we recommend their Ligurian rabbit, the snails and stockfish with is the star of the show of a festival every September. Exquisite desserts such as creme caramel and the sweet focaccia typical of the area are available. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from the family farm called “Cian de Bià” which means “land on the Biagio plain”. Biagio was the owners Ivo and Franca’s grandfather; they also produce a very good olive oil. Fixed price menu for 30 euro, excluding wines. Good value for your money. Reservations are recommended.

Osteria DI VIN Roero

The Osteria is located in the small central square of Vezza d’Alba, a delightful town in Roero, an area which produces very good wines, among which the Roero and Arneis. Originally the restaurant was called “Ca d’i vin” (House of wines) in dialect, a wine bar where you could get a bite to eat and has transformed into an osteria changing its name to the current one. In the kitchen Marco’s expert hands and in the dining room Rosa’s warmth and kindness will welcome you to this typical trattoria with four adjoining rooms. The decor and attention to detail, even though simple and typical will make you feel as if you’re in your grandparents’ house. A tasting menu costs € 28 without drinks and wine and it will allow you to try the typical cuisine of Roero, from the various appetizers with veal tartare with herbs, the classic Russian salad, the spinach quiche with fondue, the homemade pastas with Piedmontese ragout, or seasonal mushrooms and truffles and Raschera gnocchi. Among their second courses we recommend civet deer, turkey braised in Nebbiolo wine or local lamb. Desserts include bunet, pannna cotta and the soft hazelnut torte with zabaglione. Wine cellar includes local labels.

Ristorante Venaria Reale “Da Matteo”

We are at the doors of The Langhe, on the left bank of the Tanaro river. The Venaria was originally an inn for the hunters, it became Royal in the XVIII century for noble acquaintances. Here Napoleon lived in 1796 during the armistice of Cherasco, and Narzole was invested by him for the traditional November Fair so “The Royal Venaria” became a reference point for staying in and taking refreshment, and it is even now with rooms at fair prices (60 – 80 euro). The annexe restaurant has taken the name of the owner, that with the help of his son Luca, has been running it for over 40 years, keeping alive the origins. Here you can taste the true Piedmontese cuisine, such as the window displayed traditional appetizers, and the fassone meat tartare, veal in tuna sauce, Russian salad, Bra sausage, salted tongue, liver patè, cotechino with fondue and so on…, with truffles throughout the year, white or black depending on the season. Among the first courses you can choose: ravioli with butter and sage or with meat sauce, risotto with fondue, Langarola noodles with mushrooms and vegetables soups. Among the second courses: the inevitable hazelnut roast, pot roast, fondue with truffles. Among the classic desserts: the panna cotta, bunuet and peaches with amaretto. Wines are chiefly Piedmontese reds of the producers of the near Langhe. For a whole meal, without quantity limits, you will pay not more than 30 euro excluding wines (except during the white truffle season when the price will be determined by the market).

I Matetti

You can still find traditional Ligurian food in the renowned and famous Alassio, a true authentic trattoria, with the menu written in dialect by hand on a notebook like the ones used in schools many years ago: an informal atmosphere, black and white photos from the 70’s on the walls of children or “matetti” in dialect posing in their school uniform or for group pictures. Upon entering you’ll see a big blackboard with the daily dishes. Dishes follow Ligurian tradition, flavorful big portions. It’s a piity one has to choose as all dishes are worth trying. The owners are always happy and nice, sometimes they pretend to be grouchy but they’re just joking around and they’ll catch you off guard. For starters try their mixed appetizer with fried anchovies, seafood salad, cabbage wraps and Recco focaccia. Among their first courses we recommend their ravioli, pansotti, tagliatelle with bottarga and shrimp and the “gasse”: farfalle shaped fresh pasta, with pesto and potatoes. Among second dishes you’ll find mixed fried seafood, rabbit, octopus, stewed squid and the codfish. Their selection of desserts includes classics such as the bunet, tiramisù and ice creams. Their delicious apple fritters are served to everyone at the end of the meal. Small cellar with Vermentino and Pigato at reasonable prices. Excellent value for your money, a meal will set you back about € 25. Reservations are recommended.

Osteria Primi Dolci

Cervere is known internationally for growing delicious leeks; their festival takes place in November. During the festival the chef offers a menu with the leek as a protagonist which includes 5 starters, a first course, second course and dessert for 28 €, drinks not included. Leeks are not their only specialty: you can also find snails cooked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, parsley and leeks which Giovanni Arpino enjoys very much, frogs and sliced fassone cooked on soapstone. The atmosphere is nice and cozy, the service friendly and attentive, thanks to cheerful chef Massimo and his collaborators. On their a la carte menu you’ll find traditional Piedmontese dishes with appetizers such marinated eel and meat tartare, first courses which include plin agnolotti, tajarin with “Granda” ragout and Castelmagno gnocchi. Second courses include frog and snails as well as fillets and entrecôtes served on a stone. Very interesting desserts, you should definitely try the nougat semifreddo with hazelnut sauce and zabaglione with Lady’s Kisses. Their wine list offers the best local wines. Fair prices, 30 euro.

La Taverna di Fra Fiusch

At Fra Friusch di Revigliasco chef Ugo Fontanone has trained a small group of chefs who now work in relatively well known restaurants (the restaurant has recently opened a second location in corso Moncallieri in Turin.) Returning to the home base to enjoy some traditional dishes paired with some innovative creations is always a pleasurable experience. In fact, you can enjoy both the vitello tonnato prepared in the traditional way and the basil tartrà with burrata and tomato sorbet. There’s no shortage of tajarin with langarolo sauce of chicken livers and sausage, beef plin agnolotti with Alpine butter and donkey meat agnolotti. From their second courses you should try their roasted pigeon with balsamic vinegar and chestnut honey, braised veal cheek, guinea fowl stuffed with cherries and also their blanched prawns on hazelnut cream. Among their desserts you’ll find apple and cognà turnovers, Blu di Capra cheese gelato with pear sorbet. Nice selection of Piedmontese, Italian and a few French wines. 40 euro.

Restaurant Les Fleurs

Tiziano and Nathalie warmly welcome you, with laudable politeness and savoir-faire, in their restaurant on the road for Pila, 12 kms away from Aosta, where they offer a traditional cuisine with a touch of creativity: the end-result is absolutely exquisite. The seasonal menu changes often, and the wine list features few selected but excellent bottles, mainly from the local area. This restaurant, from the inside of which you can enjoying a breath-taking view on the city of Aosta, is recommended for a quick lunch, but also for a romantic dinner, or for an evening with friends and children. It will feel like being on a plane! During wintertime, the restaurant offers mushrooms, potatoes and winter-rye soup, or, as starters, traditional Valdostans dishes such as crepes au gratin filled with D.O.P Fontina cheese and ham. The offer of first courses is rich and varied, never basic: from wild-boar ravioli, to pumpkin tortelloni, to fresh egg tagliatelle served with chickpeas cream, guanciale, and a hint of rosemary. Among the second courses, all served with a seasonal side, we recommend the Fassona veal tagliata with jam of Renette apples, spicy dressing, and green pepper dressing, all served on dishes hand-crafted by a local artisan. There is also a children’s menu, and in summertime it is possible to have lunch or dine in the dehors. Excellent value for money, with an average price of 30 Euros per meal.