La Cicala

This restaurant is located very suggestive surroundings in the high part of the city, in Pace square deep in the heart of the historic center. You can eat both inside the restaurant or outside overlooking the splendid sea views if the weather allows it. Inside the decor is bright and modern. Cristina will inform you on the dishes prepared by her brother, chef Giovanni who will amaze you with his dishes which are mostly fish based and cooked with fresh local ingredients which mix tradition and innovation. Dishes are prepared according to what the local fishermen and producers bring to the chef and are written on a slate board. Among their appetizers we recommend their bonito tartare or calamari with trombette and seasonal vegetables. Their first courses are prepared with homemade fresh pasta; their breads and desserts are homemade as well and are worth a try. Among their second dishes there’s the catch of the day or the Sanremo shrimp as well as meat dishes. Good and wide selection of desserts; together with coffee you’ll be server some unique chocolates. There are two tasting menus available one will set you back about € 28 for lunch which includes a starter, a first course and dessert and the second one costs € 45 for dinner. Cellar with interesting labels from different regions.

Locanda Le Macine del Confluente

A charming residence in the Argentina valley, midway from the sea and the mountain, an enchanted place in all seasons, that its owners, Tiziana and Gigi, have created with lots of passion. In its six stylish rooms it can welcome many tourists, from Italy and abroad, that appreciate the hinterland and its cuisine. The restaurant internal part is very characteristic, with its wooden tables and two fireplaces always on in the wintertime, that make the environment very hospitable. In the summertime it is possible to have a lunch in the garden. Giancarlo Borgo, the chef, whose cuisine is based on the products of the territory, according to the Seasons, with traditional dishes with creative ideas, always presented with a pinch of originality. He tasting menu for 35 Euro, changes every month, includes the appetizers, among which we mention the brandacujun, creamy stockfish with potatoes and the fillo pasta roll with artichokes and crunchy warts. Among the first course dishes durum wheat semolina tagliolini with saffron, dehydrate Taggia olives and crunchy onions and the delicious risottos made by the chef. Among second courses the specialty of the restaurant, the sliced steak, as an alternative lamb, rabbit or dried salted cod. Original and delicious homemade cakes. Tiziana is always smiling and will describe you all the dishes while Gigi will be able to give you advice on the proper wine to combine with them. Broad list of wines, with particular attention to the local ones.

Geppy’s Bistrot

Pleasant and intimate restaurant in the central area, not far from the station, with modern and elegant furnishing. Warm and welcoming atmosphere, the bistrot offers a local cuisine, with some creative ideas, with a wide choice of fresh fish and original preparations. Very popular for lunch break with a choice of less elaborate dishes, in the evening it offers more refined preparations, with the possibility of listening to good music. You can taste as appetizers (from 10 to 12 euros) also the tuna tartare with guacamole sauce or the salmon carpaccio in venus sauce. Among the first courses we mention the purple gnocchi with pumpkin cream, asparagus and scampi (14 euro) and the tagliatelle bottarga, dried tomatoes and almonds, grilled octopus with pea cream (14 euros). Even for people who love meat there are interesting offers such as the classic veal with Piedmontese tuna, followed by ravioli del Plin (pinch) with cream of Castelmagno and the tasty ravioli with arugula and parmesan (from 10 to 12 euros). Inviting desserts prepared by the chef, such as the delicious persimmons and pistachios, the Sacher cake, and much more. Excellent value for money, booking is recommended.

Agriturismo Antico Frantoio

Splendid structure in a wonderful location, l’Antico Frantoio, built in 1700 by the Doria family, initially as a water mill, and then as olives crusher, for pressing and using cold press. The Grillo family, that owns it since four generations, has refurbished it in respecting its tradition getting halls with exposed stones arches, with characteristic corners with a view on the village. In the summertime it is also possible to enjoy stylish and fascinating outside places. A preferred destination for ceremonies and special occasions, it is also suitable for romantic and family dinners. The owner Marco Grillo and his partner Vanna produce extra virgin oil from high quality Taggia olives, the wine Rossese di Dolceacqua, and preserves of Taggia olives, dry tomatoes and pesto, which can be purchased in the agritourism. The tasting menu for 35 euro offers traditional appetizers like brandacujun, sardenaira, Pigna beans soup with thyme and toasts, two first course dishes made of fresh pasta like spicy ravioli and tagliatelle with Pigna beans, and second course dishes even made of fish, like salted codfish and fisheries with olives or artichokes. Good selection of homemade desserts. Local labels, among which stands out own produced Rossese in the cellar. Courteous and professional service.

Ristorante U Cian

It’s worth it to go deep into the hinterland to pay a visit to this sweet small town which is fascinating in every season. The restaurant is right after the town; it has wide open spaces together with a pool and a very beautiful garden as well as tastefully decorated dining room which make this restaurant the perfect place for special occasions and romantic or family evenings. Chef Davide Rebaudo offers local seasonal cuisine. On the menu you’ll find classic Ligurian dishes such as brandacujun, the vegetable pies, the barbagiuai and the typical raviolo with pumpkin and rice. Among first courses you should try their pesto together with gnocchi and all the fresh pastas prepared by the chef and his family who helps him both in the kitchen and the dining room. You should definitely try the maltagliati and the ravioli with butter and sage. From their second courses we recommend the Ligurian rabbit. Leave some room for their desserts which are prepared with creativity and very well presented. Excellent value for your money. Services is kind and timely. Good selection of local wines. Tasting menu priced at € 30.

Ristorante Ulisse

This restaurant is a favorite destination for tourists looking for traditional Ligurian dishes, it is located right after the highway exit and it has excellent views of the Sanremo bay. Dishes are prepared by Fabio Lelli, a renowned chef who has received important awards. The atmosphere is elegant, you’ll be warmly welcomed and the tables have been tastefully set in a way that’s suitable for any occasion and during the summer you can dine on the terrace with a view of the sea. There are many dishes available on their à la carte menu. Among their appetizers we recommend: their raw seafood sampler, shrimp with kadaif pasta and gorgonzola cream and the great brandacujun. You should also try the fresh homemade pastas or Fabio’s specialty, Ulisse penne pasta. From their second courses we recommend their great fried seafood, their grilled octopus or fish with brick pasta fagottino. Wide selection of meat dishes. Very interesting desserts such as waffle with fruit and ice cream, chocolate semifreddo, nougat or hazelnut chocolate. Dishes are presented with care and are very pleasing to the eye. Wide selection of wines. There is a tasting menu that changes weekly.

Le Caprette del parco

The farm holiday “Le caprette del Parco” is at Pigna, an attractive village of the Nervia Valley, rich in history and art, that is worth a visit for the precious paintings and frescoes of famous painters. Elisa, young and willing, has been taking over the agritourism cooking for about a year now; she prepares all delicious food you can taste in the comfortable dining room of the restaurant, from the typical local brown bread to jellies and jams preferably with cheese. The house specialty is just cheese made with the milk of Andrea’s little goats , Elisa’s father, that helps her in cooking too. He is a tireless and passionate “cheesemaker”, that will tell you his interesting and funny experiences. Menù varies, depending on the season and what vegetables Andrea grows in the orchard, and consists of four appetizers, two of them are cheeses of different seasoning with jelly flavoured with Rossese and delicious pepper jam, and the cake of giuncà, a fresh cheese, the latest addition of Andrea’s creations. Two first courses: the lasagne and Pigna’s potato gnocchi are worth to be tasted. Among the secound courses we mention rabbit with Nebbiolo and savoury roasts. Delicious desserts such as the bonet with goase’s milk and the typical cookies with hazelnuts and raisins. To end the meal, a coffee served in the mocha pot and homemade bitters. The tasting menù at the price of 26 euro will leave you satisfied and with the desire to return.


Since 25 years he has been managing this restaurant, Marco Cuccuvè has been able to offer a high level cuisine, with always fresh fish, coke with prowess by a well rehearsed kitchen brigade. Splendid is its location, in front of the beach, and on nice days, even in the wintertime, it is very pleasant to have lunch by the sea heated by the tepid Ospedaletti sunshine. In the hall Mrs. Carla and her friendly and professional staff guarantee an impeccable service. In the kitchen the chef Gennaro Vivo comes up with dishes studied with care, even from their presentation, based on high quality seasonal products. Much sought after, in the appetizers, the “fantasy of raw stuff” consisting of oysters, prawns, shrimps, tuna tartars, seared tuna, scallop, swordfish, smoked wild salmon or tepid octopus with salad. In the first course dishes shall be highlighted anglefish ravioli with clams and lemon, or lobster tagliolini, a specialty of the chef. In the second course dishes cannot be missed either mixed fried seafood, light and crunchy, or the tasty frilled fish. Extended section of delicious desserts hat shall all be tasted like rum babà, ricotta cannoli, tiramisu, the superb mille feullie. The environment is stylish and refined, perfect for special occasions and romantic evenings. Good selection of wines with particular focus on the area wines. Booking is always recommended.

Playa Manola

Restaurant and seaside resort on the Arma di Taggia promenade, an enchanted place in any season, completely made of white and blue wood, with wide windows and maritime style furnishing. A lighting environment both in the wintertime and in the summer season, when it is possible to remain outside in the wonderful porch. Ivan Lombardo’s restaurant offers a cuisine of the territory, mostly seafood, well cooked and presented with fantasy, like the appetizers served on many small plates staked like a pyramid. Among the appetizers an be enjoyed the brandacujun, stockfish and potatoes seasoned with garlic and oil, raw tuna and swordfish, among first course dishes seafood ravioli and swordfish tagliolini are very appreciated. Excellent is fried fish, delicate and tasty, flavourful are also meat and seafood grilled dishes, like “picanha”, a sirloin of Argentine meat. Must be tasted also the desserts, even made on the spot, like chocolate soufflé or Taggia fennel biscuit. Welcoming and available staff. Ideal for lunches and dinners for special occasions. Good selection of wines, especially from the territory. Ivan, the chef is well known charged with great positive Energy, goes around the tables to cheer customers and chatting with them.

La Cuvèa

A typical tavern located downtown Sanremo, cosy and comfortable, attended a lot by all the people from “Sanremo” as well as by the tourists that, after having tested the cuisine, come back with great pleasure. In the hall Andrea welcomes the customers with his smile and quickly presents the dishes of the day, always different that shall be all tried. The menu offered start from the small menu for 12 euro with a first course dish, a dessert, water, wine and coffee, if a second course dish replaces a first course one or an appetizer we reach 14 euro, and with 18 euro we can also get a first and second course dish with wine, water and coffee, adding a dessert we reach 22 euro, ending with 27 euro with a complete tasting menu. Among the appetizers we can always find fried anchovies and octopus with potatoes. Shall not be missed borage ravioli, specialty the house, pesto gnocchi or the highly scented minestrone. Among second course dishes guazzetto octopus or the classical Ligurian rabbit ore crust fish also prepared at Ligurian way, with olives and artichokes. Good selection of homemade cake, he excellent tarts, fruit cakes and cheesecakes. The right and balanced formula of genuine and local products, cooked with simplicity, represents an excellent solution for a real tavern with great value for money. Small is the list of wines with good presence of quality labels.